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I am fond of reading. I try to read at least a few pages every day. My favourite book is Harry Potter. The book was written by the famous English writer Joann Rolling. She became world famous after writing a novel about a wizard boy Harry Potter.
The book tells about a young man called Harry Potter. He is an orphan. He lives in a family of his Aunt. First he did not knew he was a magician. He lived an ordinary life. People who do not practice magic are called Muggles. It is prohibited to use any kind of magic in front of the Muggles. All of a sudden Harry finds out that he is a wizard. He goes to a big school of magic called Hogwarts. Harry Potter meets new friends, studies and faces the most evil magician Lord Voldemort.
The book about Harry Potter teaches how to cope with difficulties. The book explains how important family and friends are. Harry Potter is the book that I want to read over and over again. I have already read this book a few times. I liked the books more than the movies. I will definitely read Harry Potter again. I am interested in reading. Especially I like phantasy. I have read Tolkien’s fairy tale «The Hobbit». I really like this masterpiece. There are many strange creatures in this story: hobbits, trolls, dwarves and elves.
The main character of the book is the hobbit Bilbo Baggins. He is about fifty years old. This is a short cheerful man with shaggy legs. He does not wear shoes. In Bilbo’s opinion, everything should be predictable. If someone wanted to borrow money he always knew how to disappear quickly and silently.
Bilbo lived an ordinary life until he met the wizard Gandalf. The hobbit had to leave his cozy home and go with the dwarves in search of treasures stolen by the dragon. He is taking risks along his journey. Eventually bilbo becomes a true hero.
The book raises questions of the struggle between good and evil. We need to be courageous to achieve certain goals. The Hobbit is not only a fascinating story but also an instructive book. It teaches us courage, attentiveness and finding ways to overcome difficulties.
My favourite book is the Little Prince written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. This is a sad tale about adults and children. This is a wise and humane tale, which is most likely addressed to adults. The writer thinks about good and evil, beauty and indifference, friendship and love, about a person’s loyalty and responsibility for their actions.
Reading a fairy tale, sometimes you smile, sometimes you feel sad, but it definitely gives food for thought. This tale is wise and kind. The little prince leaves his home planet, where his main occupation was to admire the sunset and take care of a capricious rose. There he lived according to the rule: «I got up in the morning, washed, put myself in order and immediately put my planet in order.» Maybe we, the inhabitants of the planet Earth, need to remember this rule? The boy goes on a long journey to other planets to find a friend. This is how he gets to Earth — to our planet, the only one, beloved, sometimes unkind. Here the little prince meets the pilot, who told us this story.
Exupery also reminds us of responsibility for our actions. We cannot put up with evil. The tale convinces us that friendship is a great and strong feeling that each of us needs.
I enjoy reading. Reading is a significant part of our life. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. Every day I try to spend some time to read. One of my favourite books is the Twilight. The Twilight was written by the American writer Stephenie Meyer. At the beginning, like many others, I watched the movie Twilight, which was released on TV in 2008. The film made a big impression on me.
Bella Swan moves from Phoenix to the small town Forks that is located in the state of Washington. There she meets Edward Cullen and his family who have the unique abilities. The Cullen’s family looks very attractive. Twilight is a story about the relationship of Bella and Edward filled with unexpectable events. Bella will find out that Edward is not an ordinary person.
After watching the movie I decided to read the book right away. I liked the book much more than the movie. The book reveals the character of the heroes better, and the plot is described more colorfully. The Twilight is a fusion of fantasy and romance. The Twilight is a love story between Bella and Edward, a simple girl and a vampire.
Read­ing is impor­tant because it devel­ops our think­ing and imag­i­na­tion. I real­ly love read­ing and I think this is my favorite hob­by. If you want to plunge into the mag­i­cal world, then you should read «The Nev­erend­ing Story».

The Nev­erend­ing Sto­ry was writ­ten by Michael Ende in 1979. This is a fas­ci­nat­ing nov­el about a boy who is on an adven­ture in the fairy-tale universe.

The sto­ry begins when the main char­ac­ter, the boy Bas­t­ian, finds a mys­te­ri­ous book. Hav­ing opened it, he imme­di­ate­ly finds him­self in a fan­tas­tic world with unusu­al crea­tures. The princess of the land of Fan­ta­sy falls ill and the fan­tas­tic boy Atreyu must find a human boy who can save the princess. It turns out that this is Bas­t­ian, who must give the princess a new name in order to save her. Bas­t­ian is award­ed with a mag­i­cal amulet, thanks to which he can rule the fan­ta­sy world, and there­fore he leaves real life. At the end of the nov­el, he is giv­en a choice — to stay in Fan­ta­sy or return to the real world.

The book is mar­velous­ly writ­ten, with detailed descrip­tion of char­ac­ters and actions. Although the plot is a lit­tle con­fus­ing, it makes the sto­ry inter­est­ing and thrilling and this is the fea­ture of this book. In addi­tion, it is inter­est­ing that some­times it is impos­si­ble to define the line between fan­ta­sy and reality.

I would rec­om­mend it because it was so drip­ping that while read­ing this book I thought that maybe we are all char­ac­ters in the book too, so you can­not put the book down. Don’t miss the oppor­tu­ni­ty to read this masterpiece.

Источник: and read­ing are my two favoгrite hob­bies, which is why I often read the biogra­phies of musi­cians. Once I was advised to read the book «Fred­die Mer­cury. Stolen Life» by Mari­am Ahun­do­va and this book changed my idea of ​​life and music.

This book was writ­ten by the Russ­ian his­to­ri­an Mari­am Ahun­do­va in 2013, which explored the per­son­al life of Fred­die Mer­cury, the vocal­ist of one of the great­est rock bands «Queen». The book is a rep­re­sen­ta­tive of mod­ern literature.

Источник:­cal­ly, it dis­pels all the myths about Fred­die Mer­cury, cre­at­ed after his death and in the last years of his life. The book cap­tures and amazes, open­ing new doors to the world of music and often there is a feel­ing that the author is in front of me and tells this sto­ry himself.

This book made an inde­scrib­able impres­sion on me and I real­ly rec­om­mend to read it to any­one who is into music, espe­cial­ly if you are a fan of the Queen band. How­ev­er, if you are not ready to change your world­view and opin­ion about Fred­die Mer­cury, then nev­er read it.

Источник: book is a door that plunges you into anoth­er world, mag­i­cal and real­ly good. Many peo­ple know this is impor­tant, but not many under­stand why, and the book Fahren­heit 451 explains it perfectly.

Fahren­heit 451 is a book by Ray Brad­bury, pub­lished in 1953, that went on to become a real best­seller. This is a dystopi­an fan­ta­sy nov­el that describes the near future, in which books are pro­hib­it­ed. I often reread this book so as not to for­get about its main purpose.

The pro­tag­o­nist of the nov­el Guy Mon­tag, like oth­er «fire­fight­ers», burns books and hous­es in which they were found. Guy loves to walk at night, and on the next walk he meets his new neigh­bor Claris­sa McLel­lan, who loves nature and is fond of books. Then Guy real­izes that he needs to change his life.

After going through sev­er­al stages of changes and real­iz­ing that the books are not real­ly harm­ful, Guy Mon­tag decides to read the book him­self and imme­di­ate­ly becomes much smarter. Try­ing to under­stand the book, Guy recalls a con­ver­sa­tion with a pro­fes­sor in the park, who told him about a secret soci­ety – «Liv­ing Books». After that, he decides to leave this city and leave with like-mind­ed peo­ple who hold whole books in their heads and are always hap­py to tell Guy a few stories.

This book is very impres­sive because you begin to under­stand what can hap­pen if peo­ple stop read­ing books and how this will affect the future. I def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend read­ing this book because it has tremen­dous philo­soph­i­cal mean­ing, writ­ten in sim­ple words.

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