My best friend

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Speaking about my best friend I’d like to mention a famous proverb said by Robert Stivenson that ‘‘No man is useless while he has a friend’’. And I entirely agree with it. To be a real friend means to be able to share all happiness and hardships, be able to help and understand. But sometimes it is hard to find the one who is modest, faithful, reliable, and sincere at the same time.

As for me I have a few true friends and I’d like to tell about one of them. His name is Vasya, he is fifteen years old and he is my classmate. I like the way he looks. The first thing you notice when you see him is his blue clever eyes. He has curly hair combed back. I think he is rather attractive both: in his appearance and his character.

In my opinion Vasya is a determined kind of person, who possesses an ability for quick-decision making. Judging by his deeds I’m sure that his is resolute and firm, but sometimes too punctual. He isn’t an easy-going kind of person: it seems that he is in the habit of thinking of every word he says.

His friends think that because of his ambitions it seems that Vasya is too conceited. Nevertheless he is always in the mood of joking. Joking he never tries to insult people: his jokes are always pertinent.

Vasya is just that kind of person to spend good time with: he is well-read, good educated, his interests are wide and various. In my opinion we have much in common, so it’s easy for us to find what to talk about. We both listen to the same music, read adventure books and are fond of football.

We got acquainted nine years ago and know all good features and drawbacks of each other we still remain close friends.
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