Make masterpieces you'll be proud to share!

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Make masterpieces you'll be proud to share! 

If you're one of those people who now owns a video camera and needs a 

real editing solution but doesn't have too much time to spend learning a 

complicated package, VideoWorks 6.2 is just the solution for you! 



After a day of filming, you often get home to find that there is a lot of stuff 

that you really don't want. Maybe you find out that you forgot to turn the 

camera off and filmed the ground as you were walking around. So what do 

you do to get rid of this content?  

One option is to connect your camcorder to the VCR and tape the parts you want. A little tricky, but it 

gets the job done, right? Well here is an easier and much more efficient way to go about it. Connect 

your camera to the computer, then select the content you like and load it onto your PC.  

You will now be able to do much more that just copy the content you want onto another tape. Imagine 

turning your computer into a multimedia production center. Presto! VideoWorks 6.2 makes dreams 

possible with powerful editing features that bring the production abilities of Hollywood studios right into 

your home! 








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Download 129,37 Kb.

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