Kathleen Mountjoy dphil, New College

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Kathleen Mountjoy
DPhil, New College

Kathleen's research is concerned with Golden Age drama. She is working

specifically on the areas of performance theory, translation, and critical

studies of Golden Age plays in performance. Kathleen worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company on their 2004-05 season of Golden Age plays. She was comissioned by the RSC to assist with the literal translation of Pedro de Urdemalas by Miguel de Cervantes and to act as script consultant in rehearsals for The Dog in the Manger and Pedro, the Great Pretender. Through her work with the RSC, Kathleen has attained first-hand knowledge of the problems concerned with modern day stagings of

Spanish Golden Age drama. Many of these elusive plays are rarely performed,

especially in English. Kathleen attends the Golden Age seminars at UCL and

King's College, London. She has given several papers, including the

Association for Hispanic Classical Theatre (Stratford-on-Avon, July 2004), the Sub-Faculty Research Seminar and at the AHGBI Valencia in Valencia in 2005, the Intermediaries conference at King's March 10-11 2006, and at the AHGBI conference in

Liverpool 24-26 April ( AHGBI Liverpool).

In February 2005, Kathleen co-translated and directed three short plays by Cervantes.

The production of Spanish Interludes was staged at Oxford's Burton Taylor Theatre with

subsequent performances held at Exeter College and New College Gardens, Oxford. Following the success of these shows, in August the Spanish Interludes traveled to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Kathleen's studies at Oxford have

been assisted by a Clarendon Bursary.

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