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BP Group: Annotated Bibliography

(Sir John Browne)

  1. Lord John Browne, “Remarks to the Resource Development Council.”

Resource Development Council, 28 June 2002. online. Available from; Internet; accessed 23 September 2002.
Lord Brown describes his goals and ideas in BP’s effort to bring Alaska to the forefront of oil exploration and production. His aim is to take every unnecessary cost out of the system without compromising BP’s commitment to safety and the environment.

  1. James Howard Gibbons, “A concise anatomy of the oil industry.”

The Houston Chronicle, 16 September 2002. Journal online. Available from; Internet; accessed 23 September 2002.
This article details how BP and others view some other’s opinion that the majors were behind the Bush administration’s urge to invade Iraq. The article further seeks to convince us of Lord Browne’s opinion, that another Mideast war could produce another recession, which would reduce global demand for all the oil companies’ products, refined and unrefined.

  1. Phil Patton, “DRIVING; A role For Solar.”

The New York Times, 13 September 2002. Journal online. Available from; Internet; accessed 23 September 2002.
This article sheds light on BP’s new flagship program to clean up their operations by including solar powered gas stations throughout Europe as well as the U.S. Not everyone is cheering however, some say “a solar gas station is like a very clean cigarette factory.” “The Amount of energy saves by solar powers is negligible compared to the pollution in the gasoline it pumps.”

  1. Steven Poruban, “Deepwater GOM new focus of BP growth Strategy.”

Oil and Gas journal, 19 August 2002. Journal online. Available from; Internet; accessed 23 September 2002.
Journal details BP’s commitment to new deepwater exploration in the Gulf of Mexico as the largest acreage holder in the deepwater
gulf. Browne also believes that deepwater technologies developed in the area will play a vital role in the fast-track development of deepwater areas elsewhere in the world.

  1. OGJ Editors, “Germany faces hurdles for reforming gas market, BP chief

executive says.” Oil and Gas Journal, 1 May 2002. Journal online.

Available from;

Internet; accessed 23 September 2002.
Article gives Lord Browne’s remarks that liberalization of the

European gas market is providing opportunities to build

positions in Germany but Germany will have to make it

possible for outside oil and gas companies to secure fair

and nondiscriminatory access to the country’s natural gas pipeline

grid in accordance with the European gas directive.

6) Izvestia, Finansovye. “British Petroleum Begins Construction,” The Russian Oil and Gas Report, September 18, 2002.


British Petroleum received authorization from the presidents of Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Georgia to commence the construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline. The emergence of this pipeline will significantly weaken economic dependence of the three aforementioned countries upon Russian oil and is set to be completed by the spring of 2005.


7) European Information Service. “BP, Chevron-Texas & Exxon-Mobil Get Venezuelan Licenses,’ European Report, September 18, 2002, no.2708.


At the end of August, Venezuela granted exploration and exploitation licenses for three gas fields in the Caribbean Sea to British Petroleum as well as two American giants around the area of the Deltana platform that could include reserves estimated at 1400 billion cubic meters of hydrocarbons.


8) Oil and Gas Journal Editors. “BP makes first ultradeepwater discovery off Angola,” Oil And Gas Journal, September 21, 2002.


Utilizing the Leiv Eiriksson semisubmersible drilling rig, BP made the first significant ultradeepwater discovery off the coast of Angola. This is area is thought to be one of the most prolific regions in the world for new oil discoveries.

9) Poruban, Steven. “Deepwater GOM New Focus of BP Growth Strategy,” Oil and Gas Journal, August 19, 2002.


The deepwater Gulf of Mexico will serve as the “central element” of BP’s growth strategy in the medium and long term according to Chief Executive John Browne.


10) Oil and Gas Journal Editors. “BP awards pipeline contract for Nam Con Son gas project,” Oil and Gas Journal, June 3, 2002.


BP serves as operator of the $1.3 billion Nam Con Son integrated gas-to-power project now under way off the southern province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau. The project involves the development several natural gas fields, construction of a 400 km pipeline, and a gas powered station.

11) BP Website. online (2002) accessed September 23, 2002.
This is the official site of British Petroleum and gives helpful information about the company, production, and key people working for BP.

12) Hoover’s Online. (2002) accessed September 23, 2002.

This is a great site not only to research British Petroleum, but also other companies that will be a part of the simulation game.

13) Oil and Gas International (September 02, 2002)
This article talks about opening Alaskan wells controlled by BP after an explosion that injured one worker in August. The company currently has some 7 billion boe in Alaskan oil and gas reserves, making them BP's largest single source of oil and gas in the world. BP has tested the wells and is ready to begin production since they are losing 45,000 b/d in production every day they are not operating - now approaching a month.

14) BBC News (July 30, 2002)
BP will raise the dividend it pays to shareholders in a show of resilience to the overall corporate climate. The company also said it would consider re-starting its share buyback program - more good news for shareholders. These announcements come in the wake of a “corporate slump” due to the environment of the business.

15) DNV Oil and Gas News (2002)
This article talks about the Shah Deniz field. The Shah Deniz discovery is the largest discovery for BP since the Prudhoe Bay oilfield discovery (Alaska) in the early 1970s. Shareholders of the field and plans for its use are outlined

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