Intention Paper for Term Project Student: Nilufar Haitova

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Intention Paper for Term Project

Student: Nilufar Haitova

Student ID: 201975027

Department: IDC

As we know, today Coronavirus pandemic has already reached many countries, destroying even very stable businesses all around the world. Customers' needs have changed a lot because of this pandemic situation. Under this kind of conditions, it is twice more risky to start a business. However, one can take an advantage of this tough period, if he sets up business wisely.

So, my business plan will be directly connected to lockdown policy of my country, Uzbekistan, where currently the number of infected with Covid19 people is 1,969. It is hard to say that in my country, delivery service is satisfactory. It can be proved by the fact that there is no private or government company which provides with delivery service. Thus, I want to open a small private entrepreneurship, which mostly deals with delivery of daily needed products. I got inspired by the company Coupang. The scheme is very easy: I will make a set of agreements with many local markets and offer them my online platform, where they can sell their products. At the same time, I will promote my online platform, which can be downloaded as an app from Appstore a d Google Play store. The price will be set by the seller, but once the customer finishes his order, the delivery fee will be added to the whole price of order. I am planning to set a reasonable tariff for delivery, so that the customer preferred to use my service, rather than going out.

There are several factors, that can promise the future of my business. Firstly, as I mentioned before, there is no delivery service company in Uzbekistan, which means I am not gonna have competitors, at least for the beginning. Secondly, nowadays my country's government announced lockdown policy and applying strict methods in terms of quarantine. This can tell that my service is very actual. Thirdly, my country cancelled the income tax for small entrepreneurs for 6 months, which can be a very good help for me to start my business.
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