Employee satisfaction and influencing factors on textile enterprises of Uzbekistan

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Employee satisfaction and influencing factors on textile enterprises of Uzbekistan

Usmanova Zebo Shavkat qizi

Yanzhou University, MBA, 2-grade

+86130 13712990, zebo0992@qq.com

The modern organization in the structure of the commodity market is a complex socio-economic entity. Personnel Management occupies a special place in the management system. Without staff there can be no organization, and the success of its financial and economic activities is the merit and legacy of the staff. The long-term development of the economies of the major industrialized countries and the market economy clearly show that success can be achieved only if the basis of the organization's human resources management is considered to be its highest value.

The head of any organization strives to ensure the efficiency of the work of the staff. It is clear that the issue of employee satisfaction has now become one of the most important issues in the Personnel Management System.

Foreign theory and practice shows that effective managers and human resources of the company achieve higher levels of profitability and economic growth than competitors. With this in mind, in modern conditions, the head of the company paid much attention to the identification and implementation of reserves in order to effectively use the personnel-the skilled management of its motivation.

Analysis of the functioning of economic entities shows that an important element of their successful development is satisfaction of staff work and professional development. In addition, under market conditions, satisfaction as a separate activity, that is, a method of management.

Only through knowledge of its motives, forms of ownership and methods of encouraging the work of the staff, through the structure-to be effective managers-must be involved in order to achieve high results in motivation and demand.

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