December 2018 Bias to prohibit the cell phone use during the class

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Odiljonova Guzaloy

English 11

December 5. 2018

Bias to prohibit the cell phone use during the class

As far as we live in the 21st century which is called the century of digital technologies, almost every young schoolboy or schoolgirl in developed and developed countries has a cell phone. Nowadays, it is a very common phenomena all over the world. There are no rules that the use in class is prohibited, nevertheless, so some private schools or some teachers prohibit it according to their own point of views. Why there should be approved the rules of prohibition the use of phones in class? Prevention of the efficiency of class by prohibiting the use of cell phones.

First and foremost, students start to lose their attention to teacher`s explanation of topic or speaking while they use cell phones. For example, when they have access, to the Internet in their cell phones, they will be engaged to what happens now. On the phones youngsters have different accounts on various mobile applications. It is predictable that there are going to be new notifications every moment. Therefore, when seeing new notifications on the phones, students will be concerned about what they received. As a result, schoolchildren are likely to have less attention or not to be able to focus on class.

The second reason why those kind of rules should be approved is that there will be always competition among peers in class. The main point of this competition is that peers will compare their brands of cell phones. For instance, if you have the cell phone of old-fashioned brand or the brand of your cell phone is not as good as the others, there is less chance for you to be popular in class or to be a friend with peers in class. It is pity, but it is the undeniable fact that modern students maybe unconsciously compare the brands of their cell phones. For example, my friend told me a story which happened to him in his middle school. He was a newcomer in the spring, so everyone in class was shy to have a talk with him and he was so. He said that after two weeks, when he came to that class, majority of class started to pay attention to him. Later he realized that it happened because he had a cell phone of old-fashioned brand. Therefore, this story of my friend proves that it actually takes place in schools.

Eventually, the majority of middle and high school students are involved to play different mobile games even in class. There are multiple mobile games with serious tasks and goals. These days, the games with guns, weapons, wars and killings are getting more popular among young people. Theoretically, these games have benefits that they can learn how to survive, struggle, or never give up. However, psychologically, they influence on students in the inappropriate way. For instance, when they lose in games, they can express their angry emotions in class with peers and teachers. Consequently, they are more likely become angry quickly and even uncontrol their emotions.

In conclusion, it should be noted that; even though many parents all over the world still continue buying new phones to their children, there are more substantial downsides of using the cell phones in class than the merits. Some parents never concern about it while just few of them have conversations with their children about how to use it in class. Since it is unlikely to head off the purchase of cell phones in the contemporary globalized world, at least the amount of usage should be reduced. Thus; the life quality and efficiency of children`s observation can be improved.
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