Calverton (Lower Weald) Cedar of Lebanon 7m) All Saints Churchyard

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CALVERTON (Lower Weald)

  • Cedar of Lebanon (5.7m) All Saints Churchyard

  • Sycamore (4.75m) All Saints Churchyard

  • Ash (6m) Footpath by brook in field east of church

  • Beech (4.55m) Footpath to rear of Calverton Place

ALSO see Passenham for pollarded Crack Willow (4.5m) Footpath to Stony Stratford; see Puxley for Steeple Oak (3.65m) at reservoir entrance, Oak (5.35m) opposite Hangar Lodge, and King’s Standing Oak (5m - dead) Shrob Lane; see Thornton for Cranley Oak (dead) north of A421/Thornton turn-off on Bucks/Northants boundary; see Wicken Wood for commercial deciduous usage


  • Elm (Wesley’s Tree) (7.6m) Market Square (burnt 1980’s, destroyed 2007)

  • Cedar of Lebanon (3.97m) Ousebank Way

  • Horse Chestnut (4.95m) North of Willow Lane

  • Field Maple (2.93m) As above

  • Horse Chestnut (4.31m) St Mary Magdalene churchyard

ALSO see above for Millfield Black Poplar community planting scheme; see Potterspury for Oak (4.75m) A5 junction to Yardley Gobion, and Queen’s Oak (dead) Footpath by brook north of Queen’s Oak Farm; see Whittlewood Forest (much private)


  • Lime (4.55m) North-west corner of balancing lake field

  • Cedar of Lebanon (5.95m) Wolverton House pub grounds

  • Oak (4.65m) As above

  • Lime (4.7m) Field to east of above

  • Black Walnut (3.45m) Holy Trinity churchyard

  • Oak (4.55m) Drive to Manor Farm

  • Crab Apple (2.35m) To east of above drive on medieval village site

ALSO see Ouse Valley Park for ongoing development of Great Ouse Floodplain Forest, and pollarded/maiden White Willows


ALSO see Parsons Spinney for Grey Poplar plantation off St Leger Drive; see Bradwell for Oak (4.3m) Colley Hill opposite The Spinney; see Linford Wood (MK Parks Trust) for Crab Apple (1.85m) on southern edge, and semi-ancient woodland; see Campbell Park for Oak (4.1m) in centre of park by stream


  • London Plane (4.4m) East verge of Little Linford Lane, north of Ouse bridges

  • Crack Willow (4.05m) As above

  • Hornbeam (2.6m) St Mary’s churchyard

  • Giant Sequoia (4.7m) Church car park

ALSO see Little Linford Wood (BBO Wildlife Trust) for coppiced Ash (9m) on southern edge, and semi-ancient woodland


  • Oak (Cook’s Oak) (5.1m) Footpath on bend of Newport Road

  • Ash (5.85m) Footpath in field to south of Hanslope Park

  • Giant Sequoia (4.9m) As above

  • Oak (4.9m) As above

  • Oak (4.6m) Roadside adjacent to above

ALSO see Castlethorpe for Sycamore (4.25m) Castle grounds, and Horse Chestnut (4.05m) Mill Leys Farm bridleway; see Salcey Forest (Forestry Commission) for several ancient Oaks and Tree-top Walkway


  • Common Walnut (6.2m) Entrance to Gayhurst Court drive

  • Ash (5.8m) As above

  • Black Walnut (3.3m) As above

  • London Plane (5.05m) Tyringham Gatehouse drive

ALSO see Gayhurst Wood for wood plots for sale


  • Beech (4.25m) St Lawrence churchyard (WU)

  • Horse Chestnut (5m) west verge of Wood Lane

  • Oak (5m) Footpath by stream north of disused railway, south of Kilwick Wood

  • Horse Chestnut (5.05m) All Saints churchyard (R)

ALSO see Cowper’s Oak (dead) near Biggin Lodge north of Kilwick Wood; see Yardley Chase (much private)


  • Giant Sequoia (4.3m) Spring Lane opposite West Street

ALSO see Clifton Reynes for Horse Chestnut (4.1m) Field to west of St Mary the Virgin church, and Common Walnut (3.05m) Front garden on Church Lane; see Emberton for Ash (5.35m) Westpits, off Church Lane; see Newton Wood, Newton Blossomville for Octopus Oak (4.4m)


  • Lombardy Poplar (4.4m) Ouse riverbank park east of Ousebank Street

  • Grey Poplar (4m) Footpath off North Crawley Road behind Household Waste site

  • Crack Willow (4.5m) Ouzel riverbank near Lovat Middle School

  • Giant Sequoia (4.55m) Lovat Hall public garden off Silver Street

  • Horse Chestnut (5.05m) Silver Street car park

  • Aspen (3.45m) Bury Field Common

  • White Willow (4.40m) as above

ALSO see North Crawley for Elm (3.8m) Footpath north of Gumbrills Farm, and Yew (3m) St Firmin’s churchyard; see Chicheley for Oak (5.2m) Northern verge of A422; see Astwood for Yew (3.7m) St Peter’s churchyard


  • Oak (5.15m) By paddock Colesbourne Drive off H4, Downhead Park

  • Horse Chestnut (4.85m) End of London Road, Broughton

  • Horse Chestnut (3.95m) All Saints’ churchyard, MK Village

  • Oak (4.25m) Great Linch at junction of V11/H7, Middleton

  • Ash (4.85m) North Willen Park, east of Labyrinth

ALSO see Tree Cathedral at Newlands near Willen Lake; see Junction H6/V10 for Cricket Bat Willow plantation; see Broughton Grounds for Forestry Authority-funded new woodland


  • Oak (4.55m) Floodplain footpath opposite Monkston Park

  • Black Poplar (5.45m) Redway near oxbow lake west of OU campus

  • Black Poplar (3.95m) Riverbank footpath west of OU campus

ALSO see Woughton-on-the-Green for Field Maple (2.35m) Footpath east of canal bridge no. 90; see Walton Hall OU campus for Cedar of Lebanon (6.75m – died 2008) adjacent to Hall; Black Mulberry (2.1m) adjacent to Refectory; and Oak (4.5m) adjacent to Science Block; see Mount Farm Lake for early MKDC tree (mainly willow/poplar) landscaping


  • Lime (4.2m) St Mary’s churchyard

  • Oak (4.55m) Isaacson Drive opposite Lamb Lane

ALSO see Woburn Park for several ancient oaks (8m+) and others


  • Beech (4.8m) Footpath north of Bow Brickhill church

  • Sweet Chestnut (3.25m) Sunken way junction on northern escarpment

  • Scots Pine (2.8m) Northern verge of road west of Sandy Lane by-way

  • Giant Sequoia (5.75m) By footpath in Back Wood

  • Oak (4.95m) Edgewick Farm Open Space

  • Giant Sequoia (4.95m) Mowbray Green

ALSO see above for commercial coniferous usage; see Forest of Marston Vale for ongoing community forest planting schemes


  • Oak (3.5m) Knowles Infant School playground

  • Giant Sequoia (4.55m) Bletchley Park main lawn

  • Lime (4.3m) As above

  • Beech (4m) As above

  • Ash (3.75m) Whalley Drive cemetery

ALSO see College Wood (Woodland Trust) for ancient oak (4.4m) and remnant of Whaddon Chase; see Winslow for Cappadocian Maple (4.25m) End of Station Road, and nearby remnants of Bernwood Forest; see Thrift Farm Garden Centre for Oak (5.2m + 5.0m)


  • Oak (4.4m) Footpath by brook at Snelshall East end of Loughton Valley Park

  • Oak (5.15m) Footpath entering Howe Park Wood opposite Stolford Rise

  • Oak (4.9m) Stourhead Gate off H7 opposite Edzell Crescent

  • Oak (3.95m) South-east edge of Water Spinney

  • Oak (4.45m) Steinbeck Crescent, Snelshall West

ALSO see Howe Park Wood (MK Parks Trust) for Crab Apple (1.5m) Footpath into wood off Walney Place, and SSSI semi-ancient woodland


  • Oak (3.95m) Dudley Hill/St Mary’s Church car park

  • Oak (4.25m) Burchard Crescent

  • Hawthorn (Glastonbury Thorn) (1m) Pigott Drive near Glastonbury Thorn First School

ALSO see Loughton for Oak (4.05m) Linceslade Grove opposite Bignell Croft; see Hazeley Wood (MK Parks Trust) for new plantation of Silver Birch, Oak and Hornbeam; see Beachampton for Oak (5m) Ouse Valley Way/road junction near MK boundary, and Oak (4.85m) footpath north-east of above

Mel Jones

December 2008
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