3 South Milwaukee pac shows Highlight Market Music Lineup

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3 South Milwaukee PAC Shows Highlight Market Music Lineup

Weekly Performances Set For South Milwaukee Market
SOUTH MILWAUKEE – Now in its fifth successful season, the South Milwaukee Downtown Market continues to make sweet music every week.
And the 2013 lineup is as strong as ever.
Getting top billing are three free concerts presented by the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center, starting with the market on Thursday, July 11.

  • July 11: Brett Newski. Newski is an indie pop singer, songwriter and guitarist from Saigon, Vietnam, whose most recent album “Tiny Victories” includes songs and tales from that country. He has been touring Vietnam on his Folk Catastrophe Tour, a benefit for disaster relief in the U.S. http://brettnewski.com/

  • August 8: Jim Green. Green is a Guitar Idol champion and was voted one of the “best artists in the Midwest” by Billboard Magazine. His music has been licensed by United Church of Christ and used in documentaries, such as “Innocence Abandoned: Street Kids of Haiti.” www.jimgreenmusic.com

  • August 15: OPUS Jazz Band. An icon of Wisconsin jazz, the band was founded more than 30 years ago and nominated for a 2013 Wisconsin Area Music Industry award for “best jazz group.” OPUS has shared the stage with jazz artists like Dizzy Gillespie, Freddie Hubbard, Pat Metheny, Spyro Gyro, Bill Bruford and many others. http://www.opusjazzband.com/

All PAC shows start at approximately 4 p.m.

“We’re proud to bring terrific acts like this to the Downtown Market,” said South Milwaukee PAC Director Chad Piechocki. “We value our community partnerships, and we look forward to bringing a taste of the PAC to the South Shore throughout the year. These performances at the market are examples of that.”
The market has other local music acts scheduled throughout the season (every week except when other special events are planned). Here is the lineup, with all shows starting at approximately 5 p.m., unless noted:

  • July 18: South Milwaukee Youth Theatre (4 p.m.)

  • August 1: Merle Pinkens

  • August 22: Ron Plevak

  • August 29: Christopher’s Legacy

  • September 12: Garlic Mustard Pickers

  • September 26: Crossing

  • October 3: Sweet Music

“This is another great music lineup, and we’ve already had some great acts play this year,” said Market Chairman David Kieck. “We’ve always felt we’re more than a market. With our weekly music lineup and other special events, the Downtown Market is truly a special attraction.”

The market runs from 3 to 7 p.m. every Thursday through Oct. 10 at 11th and Milwaukee Avenues in South Milwaukee’s city center. It features dozens of vendors selling produce, organics, arts, crafts, baked goods and more. There is also a variety of prepared foods available for eating on-site at the market’s seating and stage area.
About the South Milwaukee Downtown Market

Area residents looking for a unique shopping experience travel to downtown South Milwaukee, where they find an eclectic mix of merchants selling fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, flowers, art, jewelry and other local goods. They also find a sampling of area restaurants, live entertainment and special events as part of what is a true destination for families, foodies and everyone in between. It’s a simple yet ambitious vision – one that the South Milwaukee Downtown Market has achieved ever since it launched in July of 2009. Located on 11th and Milwaukee Avenues near the heart of the South Milwaukee city center, the Downtown Market has grown to become one of the largest in the area with dozens of regular vendors and hundreds of regular customers. It is operated by a committee of local residents, business owners and city and civic leaders that all have the same goal in mind: find new ways to breathe new life and instill new energy in downtown South Milwaukee.

South Milwaukee Downtown Market

www.smmarket.org and on Facebook and Twitter

David Kieck, Market Chairman … Phone: 414-762-8963 or dmkieck@aol.com

Alderman Erik Brooks … Phone: 414-841-8901 or erikbrooks32@yahoo.com

City Clerk Jim Shelenske ... Phone: 414-651-2221 or jim@southmilwaukee.org

Tony Bloom, Market Manager … Phone: 414-758-3155 or candyman53172@gmail.com

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