2. The balance can be made by external enviroment

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1. The lecture is about a restaurant purchases the food, which is prepared, served customers, cooked and about staff and kitchen equipments.

2. Because it is a new research area, but hospitality represents a huge share of economies in many countries of the world and it is worth looking into it. Last year the expenses on the travelling tourism exceeded were 6 trillion US dollars and the hospitality represents a large share of that.

3. The hospitality is the subject of many academic researches. It should be made one plan for studying it.

First, we will briefly look at what it means to be hospitable. Then we will study the history which was over the past 20 years. We look at all important researches which were in the past and present. We will study approaches methods and theorisims. Then we know that tourism and hospitality are closely linked. We will not focus on hospitality this time.


1. The main purpose is to defined what the hospitality industry is. The explonation about the restaurant facilities, demands of customers and duties.

2. Hospitality has been defined as 2 different things. In general term the hospitality is seen as being hospitable. The other term is it is also refers to the hospitality industry.


1. The meaning is to find the ways to study hospitality research. Two main aproaches are natural and phisical sciences and management approach.

2. The balance can be made by external enviroment.

3. External enviroment - what is going on in the industry, what changed there are in legislation in government regulations the state of economy.

Human resources - people in the the industry, hospitality staff, management and training.

The technical infrastructure- what you need to provide the service, softare packages, security systems, communication facilities.

Management information systems - sofware and dating systems to improve the hospitality services.

4. I would expect to hear about the accountanting system.
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