1. What are the main staffs in the hotel industry? What is the role of a marketing manager in the hotel industry?

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1.What are the main staffs in the hotel industry?

2.What is the role of a marketing manager in the hotel industry?

3. What is the marketing manager responsible for in the hotel industry?

1.What are the main staffs in the hotel industry?

Managing a team of employees is never easy but in the hospitality industry it’s an extremely daunting task. At more than 50%, turnover for hospitality staff is one of the highest in the world. This kind of attrition rate can make it very hard to maintain a consistent level of service, meaning your hotel’s reviews and profitability could suffer.

Not only do hotel managers have to hire the right people for the job, they have to devise ways to keep them around and build a positive reputation for the business.

Here’s some advice on how to hire quality staff and create a long-term team environment.

Making the right choice at the hiring stage goes a long way to increasing staff retention so you must be thorough paying attention the revenue manager right through to the kitchen porter.

Your first priority should be to establish if the candidate is of good character. How they speak, act, and dress may give you an indication, but ultimately you need to perform extensive background and reference checks. Given how much staff to customer interaction there is in your hotel, the last thing you want is to hire someone who will be rude or even hostile to your guests.

Regardless of the role some key traits you should look out for include:

A general sense of energy

Ability to multitask

A sociable nature

Positive attitude

Problem solving abilities

Accommodating to others

Tolerance to direction and criticism

It’s also important the person you hire shows a genuine passion for the hospitality industry and has the motivation to learn and grow in the role.

Working in the hotel industry can be fun and exciting, depending on the hotel and your position there. There are a lot of jobs to choose from, although with some jobs you'll need to have a degree, training, or several years of experience. While many people think about working in large luxury hotels or resorts, there are also motels, bed and breakfasts, and a lot of other employers. At each hotel, though, similar positions need to be filled. There are usually management employees, maintenance employees, kitchen and wait staff (if the hotel has a restaurant), housekeeping staff members, front desk employees, and the staff who purchase supplies, perform accounting work, and provide similar support.

In general, there are two main types of hotel jobs: guest services and administrative and support. Here is more information about each of these types and some of the specific jobs associated with both categories. Keep in mind that this is certainly not an exhaustive list of jobs - just the most common jobs in the hotel industry.

Top 10 highest paying positions in the Hospitality Industry:

1. Casino Property General Manager

This position requires managing all aspects of their casino properties including operations, staffing, and customer service. The current median salary for a casino property general manager is $199, 559. The top 25 percent of these professionals earn $283, 649 or more. Typical casino property general manager positions require a bachelor’s degree—at minimum—and at least 12 years of experience in the field. In a casino, there is no clear path to be a casino property general manager. Also, you need to get experience in the components of a casino resort operation, hotel, convention, food, beverage, and entertainment.

hospitality management careers

Top Courses in this Field

Luxury Management by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2. Regional Chef

Regional chefs direct the operations at multiple restaurants in hotel or resort properties. They plan and create new recipes and menus, oversee budgetary issues and train executive chefs. The median salary is more than $ 124, 000, but the top ten percent earn nearly $134, 000. Corporate chefs, who have roughly the same responsibilities, procuring food through system suppliers and training senior chefs, can earn $175, 000 including bonuses. Typical regional chef jobs require a bachelor’s degree—at minimum—and at least 10 years of experience in the industry.

Top Courses in this Field

From Haute Cuisine to Soft Science Matter by Harvard University

3. Hotel Manager

These are the people who manage every operation within a hotel. The monetary benefit attached to a manager job in the hotel industry is near $112, 400. Being a manager in any industry is not easy. A hotel has many operational jobs like the housekeeping, the human resources, the front desk etc. all of these or at least of the operations are to land under the supervision of a manager. It is a job that requires quick thinking and the ability to organize people. Typical hotel manager jobs require a bachelor’s degree—at minimum—and at least seven years of experience in the industry.

Top Courses in this Field

New Perspectives on Customer Relations by Kyoto University

4. Restaurant Manager

The median salary for a regional restaurant manager is $95, 800 for overseeing the operations of a restaurant. Responsibilities include hiring and training managers, as well as designing sales plans. The restaurant is run by many operations like the waiting staff, the front desk, the cleaning people and the kitchen. Typical regional restaurant manager positions require a bachelor’s degree—at minimum—and at least seven years of experience in the field. Restaurant managers of fine dining and super luxury restaurants are future General Managers in making.

5. Event Coordinator

The current median salary for a meeting/event manager is $78, 197. The top 25 percent of these professionals earn $89, 672 or more for planning meetings and special events including the coordination of amenities and accommodations, budgeting, and contract negotiation. Typical meeting/event manager positions require a bachelor’s degree and at least five years of experience in the field.

6. Head of Housekeeping

The current median salary for a head of housekeeping is $78, 056. Professionals in the top 25 percent of the field earn $91, 599 or more for directing the daily operations of a hotel, resort, or casino’s housekeeping services department. Typical head of housekeeping jobs require a high school diploma and at least seven years of experience in the industry.

7. Chief Sommelier

They don’t only serve wines but engage you in the intricacies of wine making. In hotel or restaurant, the job of Sommeliers is to share the wonderful knowledge they have with diners. Due to the details and experience involved in this role, the Chief Sommelier is one of the best-paid hospitality jobs in the world.

8. Food and Beverage Director

The current median salary for a food and beverage director is $79, 527. Professionals in the top 25 percent of the field earn $91, 714 or more for overseeing a hotel, casino, or restaurant’s food and beverage planning service. Responsibilities include menu planning and budgeting, as well as coordination of special events and marketing of food and beverage products. Typical food and beverage director jobs require a bachelor’s degree—at minimum—and at least eight years of experience in the industry.

9. Cabin Crew

Flight attendants, air hostess’, hosts etc come under this category. This is a highly challenging job. The salary is high and the perks are unlimited however the hours are long. It is ideal for those who love to travel and meet new people. Read more about Aviation Careers and Jobs in India.

10. Catering Manager

The catering manager plans and oversees food and beverage service for events at a facility. This job involves training and scheduling catering staff, assisting with menu selection and conveying customer needs to other personnel. A person working as a catering manager can expect to earn a median salary of $42, 289 annually. Along with a degree in management, a person working in this career would need a minimum of two years of experience in the field.

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