1. If I study, I will pass the exams. If the sun shines, we will walk into town

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1. If I study , I will pass the exams.
2. If the sun shines , we will walk into town.
3. If he has a temperature, he will see the doctor.
4. If my friends come , I will be very happy.
5. If she earns a lot of money, she will fly to New York.
6. If we travel to London, we will visit the museums.
7. If you wear sandals in the mountains, you will slip on the rocks.
8. If Rita forgets her homework, the teacher will give her a low mark.
9. If they go to the disco, they will listen to loud music.
10. If you wait a minute, I will ask my parents.
Task-2. First conditional
1. a. we will pass the examination if we study hard .
b. if you go to see this film , you will have a good time .
c. if he plays sport , he will live longer .
d. she won’t be an architect if she doesn’t go to university .
e. they will ring us if we give them our phone number .
f. if we don’t solve the problem , we won’t get the prize .
2. a. if we don’t go now , we will miss the bus .
b. you will be tired if you don’t sleep .
c. if the Spanish team get to the final match , they will be the World Champions .
d. if you help me , i will give you a lot of money .
e. if we sing some carols , they will be happy .
f. they will read the whole essay if they like it .
3. a. if the weather is good , we will go to the beach tomorrow .
b. if you go to school on foot , you will be late .
c. if i have money , i will buy you a present .
d. i will do my homework if i find my notebook .
e. my mum will give me five pounds if i do washing-up.
f. if we spend our holiday in Spain , we will visit Valencia .
Task-3 . third conditional
1. if you had listened to the traffic report on the radio this morning , we would not have caught up in this jam !
2. if Martha hadn’t looked out of the window at that moment , she wouldn’t had spotted the criminals .
3. if i hadn’t missed the end of the film , i would have known who the murderer was .
4. i would have phoned you yesterday if i hadn’t lost your number .
5. we would have gone to the cinema if i hadn’t already seen the film .
6. if i hadn’t seen it with my own eyes , i would’t have believed it .
7. if Eileen hadn’t taken that job in that American company , she would have regretted it .
8. if your sister had been with us , she wouldn’t have got herself lost .
9. Hector wouldn’t have met his wife if he had gone to Tahiti .
10. John’s father would have bought him car if he had passed all his exams.
11. the burglar would have broken into our house if one of my neighbours hadn’t tipped off the police which caught him just in time .
12. if Sam hadn’t known about life any better , he would have been a discontent person today .
13. Melissa would have had some money now if she hadn’t spent it all on clothes

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