1 Easy tests for the students How many languages you speak?

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1 Easy tests for the students
1. How many languages___________ you speak?

a) must b) can d) could
2._________ Ihom spoke English two years ago?

a) can b) knew c) must d) could
3. _________ I have your pencil for a minute? Certainly.

a) must b) can c) have do d) may
4. Did you take _______ book

Yes, I took ______ that you gave me

a) the b) a/the c) an/a d) the / an
5. I am going to buy ______ new lamp

a) a b) the c) an d) on
6. Their classroom is large .......... walls in........ classroom are yellow.

a) the,the; b) the,a; c) on,the; d) a,the;
7. Are you going .... the offise or .... your lesson ?

a) in,on; b) at/from; c) to/to; d) at/to;
8. The apartment is ...a big ,old house ....anice street

a) on/in; b) at/in; c) with/out d) in/on;
9. Bu odam inglizcha gapirmaydi.

a) This man don’t speak English. b) This man speak English.

c) This man speak English . d) This man doesn’t speak English .
10. I’m going to ask you a question.

a) sizga savol bergim kelyapti. b) Sizga savol bermoqchiman.

c) Sizga savol bermoqchi edim. d) Sizga savollar bermoqchiman.
11.U tennis o`ynashni yoqtiradi.

a) He like to play tennis. b) He liked to play tennis.

c) He likes to play tennis. d) He doesn’t like to play tennis
12. Today is the … of September.

a) ten; b) the ; ten c) tenth ; b) tence

Choose appropriate Tense form
13. He… … in Kiev five years ago.

a) lives ; b) lived ; c) live; d) living ;
14. … it … right now ?

B: No, ….

a) was … raining / it wasn’t b) is … raining/ it isn’t

c) do... like /I don’t/like d) do... liked /I didn’t /liked

Choose appropriate pronoun
15. ... name is Sasha, ... is 16 years old .

a) his /she b) her / he c) his /he d) him / he
16. What is your name?

a) My name are Vohidov. b) My name was Vahidov .

c) Your name are Karim. d) My name is Mahmudov. e)Our name is Isroil.
17. When were you born?

a) You are born yesterday. b) he is born on Monday c) I am born 1978. d) I was born 1977.
18. Where do your parents live?

a) My parents didn`t lived in Tashkent. b) My parents live in Tashkent. c) My parents were not living in your house. d) Their parents will not lived with your family.
19. What school did you finish?

a) I finished nursery school. b) I will finished the school of math’s. c) You finished school 97. d) I finished school 90.

20. How well did you at school?

a) I do much work at school. b) He had good marks in singing. c) We studied cybernetics. d) I was one of the best pupils at school.
21. Do you walk to your school or do you ride?

a) I haven`t go to school by transport. b) I go to my school by tram. c) I go to my school riding on a bicycle. d) You will went to your school on foot.
22. Do you live in a block of flats or in your own house?

a) Yes, we lived in a block of flats. b) no I can. c) Yes he would. d) I live in my own house.

Choose the correct form
23. His father was _________ honest man and we were proud of him.

a) The b) An c) ______ d) A.
24. Do you en joy go in to __________ concerts?

a) an b) the c) ______ d) a.
25. My brother always afraid of _______ blood.

a) __ b) the c) an d) a
26. He is eager to have ______ accommodation in his flat..

a) an b) the c) ____ d) a.
27. _________ Arctic Ocean is in the North.

a) the b) ____ c) a d) an
28. Tell __________ to come early in the morning next Sunday.

a) they b) there c) them d) their.
29. Karim is a diligent student. Our dean asks _________ to be a monitor of the group.

a) he b) him c) her d) his

30. Yesterday morning Salima went to the railway station to meet _________ sister, who was coming from Andijon?

a) her b) she c) his d) he.
31. I`d like ___________ to retire.

a) they b) he c) she d) him.
32. I`d like ___________ to ask me questions.

a) you b) their c) your d) she
33. Would you mind _________ smoking.

a) mine b) your c) me d) my
34. It’s not simple to get tickets __________ the first night .

a) to b) on c) off d) for.
35. My son is fond __________ playing computer games.

a) in b) of c) out d) at
36. The audience broke __________ a storm of applause.

a) with b) for c) about d) in
37. He is a very kind person. There is no doubt ___________ it.

a) on b) ____ c) at d) at
38. The new film will run _______ two on three weeks.

a) for b) ____ c) at d) in
39. Why do you often miss __________ the trains.

a) at b) ____ c) for d) in
40. Today is the . . . of September.

a) ten; b) the;ten c) tenth; tence.
41. They have read two English books ... the end ... the month.

a) at / in b) in / of c) of / of d) by / of e) on / of

42. The book consisted ...three small parts and I read it ... three days

a) of / during b) in / at c) on / through d) by / during e) - / for
43. He has been elected ... captain of our football team.

a) a b) same c) an d) - e) the
44. Go to ... blackboard , May, and write ... following sentence , ... capital of Uzbekistan is ...Tashkent.

a) - / the /the / - b) a / the / - / the c) the / the / the / - d) a / a / the / the

e) the / a / the / -
45. He’s a clever and nice boy , I don’t think he’ll do it.

a) wise b) hostile c) respected d) weak e) easy – going
46. The girl could not forgive his rudeness

a) forget b) watch c) pardon d) promise e) promise
47. I have borrowed a small sum of money from Peter .

a) supported b) gave c) brought d) lent e) added
48. The longest river in England is the Severn and the deepest is the Thames .

a) smallest b) farthest c) shoal – water d) narrowest e) lowest
49. Speak louder , please. It’s too noisy in the street, I can’t hear .....

a) anything b) something c) nothing d) somebody e) nobody
50. The children were having tea. Kate was late for ... as usual, Mary and Paul were having .....

a) yours / mine b) ours / theirs c) theirs / their d) his / theirs e) hers / theirs

51. Choose the pronouns to the underlined nouns.

A man was in the theatre sitting behind the women.

a) he/it/them b) he/he/them c) she/it /him d) it/he/ they e) it/he/them
52. Choose the appropriate form of adjectives.

The trunk is not ... heavy ... I expectives.

a) as / so b) many / as c) so / as d) so / so e) as / as

53. His father .... aweek ago .

a) was dying b) shall die c) dead d) had died e) died
54. I . . . Ann at her father’s twenty years ago, and ... her never since.

a) met / have known b) was meet / knew c) used to meet / had been known

d) would meet / had known e) had met / knew
55. Last year he ... her every day when he... up.

a) would see / get b) saw / got c) has seen / get d) sees / gets e) will see / gets
56. I was in a hurry because I ... that my mother ...for me at that time .

a) knew / was waiting b) will know / waits c) know / waited d) knew / wait

e) knew / waits
57. When the delegation ... to the railway bridge they noticed that two or three houses ... .

a) had come / built b) came / is built c) came / built d) came / had been built

e) will come / are built
58. Choose the appropriate form of the verb ( gerund, participle, infinitive ).

a) went /to join b) have gone / has joined c) go / join d) went / join e) going / joining
59. Mr Smith said ; “Glad to see you! I haven’t seen you for ages”. Mr Smith said

a) he was glad to see his friend, he didn’t see him long

b) I’m glad to see his friend, I haven’t seen him for ages

c) he would be glad to see him, he hadn’t seen his friend often

d) he is glad to see his friend, he hasn’t seen him for ages

e) he was glad to see his friend, he hadn’t seen him for ages

60. The teacher asked vthe giel, “ Why aren’t you writing the execise?” The teacher asked the girl

a) why she wasn’t writing the exercise b) why isn;t she writing the exercise

c) why she didn’t writing the exercise d) why she didn’t
61. Choose the right continuation . If I were free ....

a) I could have done the work at once. b) I did the work at once

c) I shall do the work at once . d) I do the work at once e) I should do the work at once
62. A: How long have the people been standing at the bus stop ?

a) When it had rained b) For fifteen mintes . c) When there is no bus .

d) At two o`clock . e) After the bus has left.
63. A . What dairy products do you like to eat ?

B . ............................... of course.

a) cream and butter b) meat and sausage c) dresses and shoes d) applles and grapes e) cars and buses
64. Choose the right continuation She can’t go to the cinema with us , ... .

a) she has a lot of time b) the film is very intresting c) the new film is on at the cinema

d) she is fond of watching film e) she has to meet her brother
65. Choose the appropriate word. When you buy vegetables they must be ... .

a) eatable b) tasty c) green d) cheap e) expensive
66. Choose the sentence contradicting the others .

a) These countries are called English – speaking b) When the Romans landed in Britain they

c) About three hundred million people use this language as their native now

d) English is the language of the people in Britain

e) At the same time Ehglish is the language spoken in many other countries
67. Complete the dialoque. A. How long will you be out?

B. ...................................................................

A. When will you be back ?

B. ...................................................................

a) soon / last year b) not long / soon c) often // in a minute d) always / seldom e) tomorrow / soon
68. Alarge group of American teachers arrived in Tashkent Last year.

a) nice b) big c) wonderful d) small e) good
69. Mozart began to write music when he was four .

a) read b) stopped c) started d) finished e) translated
70. The weather was very cold, it was snowing heavily and we decided to stay at home .

a) fresh b) warm c) cool d) hot e) sunny
71. Thev dress was very beautiful but I couldn’t buy it as it was too expensive.

a) ugly / cheap b) silk / slow c) modern / experienced d) nice / empty e) big / bad
72. The United States of America _____ a federal state consisting of 50 states, every of them _____ different.

a) was / being b) were / was c) is / is d) are / are e) am / is
73. If my penfriend David _____ in Uzbekistan I _____ him to Samarkand to show him historical and wonderful sights .

a) arrived / take b) is arriv ed / has taken c) has arrived / takes d) arrives / shall take

e) was arriving / took
74. 1 – Has your brother got a car of his own?

2 – No, he hasn’t , but he ____ to buy one soon .

a) goes b)go c) is going d) was going e) going
75. The children _______ in the garden , while their grandparents ______ on the bench

a) were playing / were sitting . b) played / sat c) was playing / was sitting

d) play / sit e) will play / sitting
76. Piphagorus ____ mathematics to talented children and ____ a theory of numbers.

a) has taught / work out b) taught / worked out c) teach / had worked out

d) had taught / had worked out e) was teaching / was working out
77. People _____ planes for more thay half a century .

a) use b) have used c) had used d) usrd e) were using
78. He always ____ a lot of records of serious and jazz music

a) have b) is having c) had d) will have e) has
79. I couldn’t get into my flat at once because I ___ the key .

a) lost b) lost c) had lost d) has lost e) has been losing
80. Our pupils ____ to operate modern computers .

a) are teaching b) will teach c) was taught d) are taught e) is taught
81. You ___ buy a ticket before entering the cinema.

a) might b) could c) may d) must e) can
82. ___ I use your dictionary? I’ve left mine at home.

a) can b) may c) could d) must e) should
83. Our new three – roomed flat is _______ than old one .

a) comfortable b) the most comfortable c) the most comfortable d) more comfortable e) much comfortable
84. The Sahara Desert is one of ______ of the world’s deserts .

a) hot b) hotter c) the hottest d) more hot e) the most hot
85. ________ is an interesting musical programme on TV today .

a) these b) that c) that d) it e) there
86. Anvar is a wonderful friend , so thoughtful and sincere.

a) Anvar found one true friend. b) Anvar has thoughtful and sincere friends.

c) Anvar is so selfish that d) Anvar is so selfish that he doesn’t have any friends.

e) Anvar asked about his friends.
87. “ At what window can I send a telegram ?”

a) She is in the park. b) She is at post office c) She is at a supermarket.

d) She is at school. e) She is at a fire station.
88. What did Victor do when the alarm-clock rang ?

a) He opened the door. b) He washed his socks. c) He jumped out of bed quickly.

d) He went to the park e) He decided to buy a car.
89. He sent his mother a present.

a) Did Nodir call you yesterday ? b) How did Nodir congratulate his mother on her birthday? c) Did Nodir find his book? d) when did Nodir have

e) Why did Nodir come to Tashkent ?

90. Rano asks : “Where can I meet you ?”

a) Rano asks where can I meet her. b) Rano asks if I can meet her .

c) Rano aske where can she meet me . d) Rano aske where she can meet her.

e) Rano asks where could she meet her.
91. Kate and Nina are writing all the questions in the classroom .

a) she / it b) he / they c) they / them d) theirs / its e) we / their

92. Angela met her girl- friend in the garden yesterday .

a) he/her/it b)her/it/he c)she /its/him d) she/her/it e) hers/it/its
93.I work well .........the morning. I don’t like working........night.

a)on/in b)at/at c)before/after d)in/at e)in/in
94.Come bask again .........ten minutes.I`m not free now.

a)in b)after c)before d)at e)past
95.Arriving....... Tashkent, pater got........the pater got ......... the plane quickly and went......the airport building.

a)at /from/onto b)in /off/into c)to/out of/at d) off/down /in e)from /at/ to


96.Wagner used legends.........the german Middle Ages ..........his most famous operas.

a)from /to b)out of /wiht c)in/in d)up/after e)of /for
97.What is the main topic of the passege?

a)relations between father and mother . b)The guessing game c) The girl`s family d)Different kinds of presents. e)birds and animals
98.When was the guessing game played?

a)everyday day. b)once a week c)when the father come home d)when the fether had a present for his daughter e)never
99.What was there in her father`s pocket on that particular evening?

a)A tiger b)Adog c)Ahen d)A pensel e)Some chokolate.
100.My sister has come .......London and is going to stay .....about amonth there .

a)to/ for b)to/ at c)in /on d)into during e)to/on

Tests for the students

1. I`m very interested ...... tennis , I have been playing it .... two years .

a) on / from b) with / after c) in / for d) for / about e) at / since

2. ...... Christmas my father presented me ..... a book .

a) in / with b) at / with c) on / for d) at / to e) during / off

3. He became interested ..... physics ... the age .... fifteen .

a) in / at / of b) by / at / of c) in / at / in d) at / in / of e) at / at / about

4. You can buy fruit and vegetables at the ....

a) magazine b) market c) theatre d) post – office e) cinema

5. Don`t .... for him . He is going to return late .

a) come b) wait c) expect d) look e) worry

6. Booking – office , passenger , railway , ticket .....

a) suitcase b) population c) a book d) victory e) tractor – driver

7. There was ...... coffee in the cup . It was empty .

a) no b) much c) some d) a little e) little

8. The child is so active . He .......... sit still for a minute .

a) mustn’t; b) will ; c) can’t; d) can ; e) must.

9. Is there .... in the room ? No, there isn’t ..... there

a) somebody / nobody ; b) somebody / anybody c) anybody / anybody d) anybody / nobody e) anything / someting

10. .... are the TV sets of the latest type .

a) this b) any c) these d) it e) that

11. “You have met my wife, .....

a) didn’t you ? b) don’t you ? c) have you ? d) did you ? e) haven’t you ?

12. May I give some sweets to your daughter ?

a) Yes, he can b) Yes , I need c) No, you cannot d) Yes, she may e) Yes, you may

13. Just before Christmas day people usually ... Christmas and New Year greetings to their friends and relatives .

a) had sent b) was sending c) is sending d) sent e) send

14. Yesterday they ..... to help the villagers.

a) will decide; b) come c) have decided ; d) want; e) decided

15, “..... you...your work ?” “Yes, I do”.

a) Did / finished / did b) Do /finished /do c)Had /finished /have

d)Have /finished / have e) Were /finishing / were
16. The rain...and the sun....in the sky now:

a) becomes /is shining. b) stops / is shining ; c)has stopped / is shining;

d) stopped / is shining ; e) will stop / shines;

17. Stop smoking! The room is full of smoke which.......from your pipe. Usually nobody....in here.

a) had come / smoke ; b) will come /smokes; c) come / smoke; d) is coming /smokes; e) is coming /doesn’t smoke .
18. The woman who .....to my sister is our neighbor who ....across the street. a) has spoken / is living; b) is speaking / lives; c) speak /live ; d)speaks /lives

; e) will speak /lives. 19A boy said he promised .......lessons. . a) not to miss b) not miss c) had missed d)doesn’t miss e)don’t miss

20. When we....to the stadium two teams....football. a) came /played ; b) came /were playing ; c)were coming /were playing; d)were coming played e) had come /played.
21.Ilhom: I usually go to the Institute by bus . Bohodir: ............

a) of course ; b) So do I ; c)I too d)So I do ; e)I do as well.

22.John plays tennis

a)And so does his sister b)Nether did his sister c)Nor did his sister

d)And his sister is playing too e)Neither am I
23.If the weather is rainy ,we shall stay at home.

a)If the weather is rainy ,we shall wait for a sunny day.

b) We shall go for a walk if the weather is not rainy.

c)If the weather is hot, we shall read a book at home.

d) If it rains ,we shall take an umbrella and go to the street.

e) If it rains, we shall not go for a walk.

24. Those who are interested in music join musical sections and schools.

a)You can spend your free time in different ways;

b)They are taught to play different musical instruments there;

c)Many people are fond of going to the theatre ;

d)Let’s go to the concert tonight;

e)I have never seen this show;

25. He will go to the zoo if ....

a) he will buy tickets on Sunday.

b)his parents will allow him.

c) her friends were there last Sunday.

d) he will finish his work on Sunday.

e)he is free this Sunday.

26. “Look at those young men,....”

a) we go to them b) he is there c)they are coming here

d) they go to the street e) he is coming here

27. Gapdagi qaysi joyga “just” so’zini qo’yish mumkin.

(a) I (b) have (c) come (d) from London (e) with my parents
28. Nick feels bad so he has to go to his doctor.

a) Nik o’zini yomon sezyapti ,u vrachga boradi.

b) Nik o’zini yomon sezyapti ,shuning uchun u vrachga boradi.

c)Nik o’zini yomon sezyapti, shuning uchun u vrachga borishi kerak.

d) Nik o’zini yaxshi sezyapti, unga vrachga borish kerak emas.

e)Nik o’zini yomon sezyapti, uning o’zining vrachi bor.

29. Ann wants you to read this interesting story.

a)Anna sizga bu qiziq hikoyani o’qib berishni xohlaydi.

b)Anna qiziq hikoyani o’qishni xohlaydi.

c)Anna,siz bu qiziq hikoyani o’qishingizni xohlaydi.

d) Siz bu qiziq hikoyani Annaga o’qib berishni xohlaysiz.

e)Siz bu qiziq hikoyani o’qishingizni Anna xohlar edi.

30.The weather in England changes very often. This ex plains why Englishmen are always talking about weather.

a)Angliyada ob-havo juda tez-tez o’zgarib turadi. Bu angliyaliklar nima uchun har doim ob- havo to’g’risida gapirishni izohlaydi.

b)Ob-havo juda tez-tez o’zgarib turadi. Shuning uchun angliyaliklar har doim ob-havo to’g’risida gapirishadi.

c) Ob havo juda tez-tez o’zgarib turadi. Mana nima uchun angliyaliklar har doim ob-havo to’g’risida gapirishadi.

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