Yes,I have a lot to do

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Rahimova Muslima Unit 1

Unit 1

  1. You're working hard today.”Yes,I have a lot to do"

  2. I'm looking for Christine .Do you know where she is?

  3. It's getting dark .Shall I turn on the light?

  4. They haven't got anywhere to live at the moment.They are staying with friends with they find somewhere.

  5. Are you ready, Ann? Yes,I'm coming.

  6. Have you got an umbrella?

It starting to rain.

  1. You’re making a lot of noise. Could you be quieter? I'm trying to concentrate.

  2. Why are all these people here? What’s happening.

Exercise 1.2

    1. Is Colin working this week? No,he’s on holiday.

    2. Why are you looking at me like that what is the matter.

    3. Jiny is student at university. Is she? What is the studying.

    4. Is any body listening to the radio or can I turn it of?

    5. How is your English?Isn’t getting better?

Exercise 1.3

  1. I’m tired I’m going to bed now Goodnight!

  2. We can go out now.It isn’t raining any more.

  3. How is your new job? Not so good at the moment, I’m not enjoying it very much.

  4. Catherine phoned me last night.

She's on holiday France. She’s having a great time and cloes'nt want to come back.

  1. I want to lose weight, so this week.I'm not eating lunch .

  2. Angela has just started evening classes. She’s learning German..

  3. I think Paul and Ann have had an argument. They ‘re not speaking to each at her.

Exercise 1.4

Sarah:Brain!How nice to see you!What are you doing these days

Brain:I’m training to be a super market manager.

Sarah:Really:What’s it like? Are you enjoying it?

Brain:It’s all right. What about you?

Sarah:Well,actually I’m not working at the moment. I’m trying to find a job but it’s not easy. But I’m wery busy I’m decorating my flat.

Brain: Are you doing it alone?

Sarah:No ,some friends of mine are helping.

Exercise 1.5

      1. The population of the world is rising wery fast

      2. Ken is still ill but he ‘s getting better slowly.

      3. The word is changing. Things never stay the same.

      4. The cast of living is increasing Every year things are more expensive.

      5. The economic situation is already very bad and it’s eating worse.

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