Why you should consider ipce

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Why you should consider IPCE

  1. Highly qualified Thai and International

Professors from KU, Tokyo Inst. of Tech.,

Kyoto U., Griffith U. and Oregon State U.

  1. Modern and well equipped facilities in

one of the most prestigious institutions.

  1. Effective course delivery and close

study supervision results in:

80% graduate within 2 years and

95% graduate within 2 and a half years.

  1. Well recognized academic standard:

Over 80% employed within 3 months of


32% employed in international firms.

5 International contacts. Trip to Japan, Singapore

and Australia annually. Opportunities for

further studies in these three countries


6. Low tuition fee. One of the lowest fees in

Bangkok. Average cost per semester of

65,000 baht, financial aid granted for

research thesis.

7. Student body international in composition.

8. Only post-graduate international program in

civil engineering recognised by Thai government

funding body.
The Department of Civil Engineering, Kasetsart University, has 38 full-time faculty members. It is well equipped with facilities for coursework studies and conducting research, such as Structural Engineering Laboratory, Material Testing Laboratory, Soil and Rock Mechanics Laboratory and Highway Materials Laboratory.

Since 1998, The Department has established a program offering courses with English as the medium of instruction. It is at present offering a 2-year course leading to the degree of Master of Engineering (Civil) and a one-year course leading to the Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering (Civil). The Program has established academic cooperation with universities and institutions in the United States, Japan, Australia, and the Philippines. It is aimed to serve the needs for human resources in infrastructures development; not only for Thailand but also the Southeast Asian regional countries and elsewhere. While the program is international in nature, it will also benefit the region and people through research and development pertinent to the regional environment and cultural conditions.

Student Body
IPCE has international students from Japan, Laos, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Sri Lanka, Iran and Thailand. Some foreign students are awarded the scholarships from Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency.

Over 80% of its students graduated within 2 years, 95% within 3 years. Over 80% has found work within 3 months of graduation, in both private and public sectors. Of these, 32% join multinational companies. About 25% pursue their Ph.D. study in the US, Australia and Japan.

Fact Sheet

Master of Graduate Diploma

Engineering in Engineering

Program Period 2 years 1 year

Fees/Semester 65,000 baht 65,000 baht

Fees/Course 260,000 baht 130,000 baht

Degree M.Eng Grad. Dip.

Thesis Required Not Required
Teaching Time (both programs)

First semester June to October

Second semester November to March

Summer session April to May

Monday – Friday 5.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m.

Saturday 9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Admission Requirements

  • B.Eng (Civil Engineering) or Related field

  • and GPA of  2.5 or 3 years work experience

Inquiry/Application Form

International Graduate Program in Civil Engineering,

Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University

50 Paholyothin Rd., Chatuchak

Bangkok 10900 THAILAND

Office : Building 8, Room 8505, Civil Engineering Dept.

Phone : (662) 942-8555 ext. 1333

Phone/Fax : (662) 579-3171

e-mail : civilinter@ku.ac.th

Website : http://civilinter.eng.ku.ac.th

Academic Programs

Student will select one of the areas of specialization as his/her Major and another

one as the Minor.

Master of Graduate Diploma

Engineering in Engineering

Major courses 25 credits 24 credits

Minor courses 9 credits - credit

Seminar 2 credits - credit

Thesis 9 credits - credit

Total required 45 credits 24 credits

Three areas of specialization in Civil Engineering are offered as follows:

  1. Structural Engineering

Major Course (Required) Major Course (Elective)

Finite Element Analysis of Structures Advanced Structural Analysis

Stability of Structures Advanced Steel Structures

Plate and Shell Structures Theory of Elasticity

Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structural Dynamics

Matrix Method in Structural Analysis Bridge Design

  1. Construction Management

Major Course (Required) Major Course (Elective)

Organization and Management of - Project Analysis

Construction Real Estate Administration

Construction Management Techniques Material and Products for Construction

Construction Methods and Equipments Inspection Techniques

Prefabricated Construction

Concrete and Formwork Technology

  1. Geotechnical Engineering

Major Course (Required) Major Course (Elective)

Advanced Foundation Engineering Foundation on Soft and Unstable Soil

Advanced Soil Mechanics Geotechnical Engineering Project

Design of Earth and Rock-fill Dam Rock Mechanics

Engineering Soil Behavior Determination Soil Improvement

Soil Dynamics

Master of Engineering (Civil)

Graduate Diploma in Engineering (Civil)



Faculty Members

Prof.Torkul Kanchanalai Dr.Trakool Aramraks

Dr.Prasert Suwanvitaya Dr.Warakorn Mairiang

Dr.Pongsak Suriyavanagul Dr.Prateep Duangdeun

Dr.Santi Chinanuwatwong Dr.Supakij Nontananandh

Dr.Sompothi Vivithkeyoonvong Dr.Suvimol Sujjavanich

Dr.Watcharin Witayakul Dr.Chavalek Vanichavetin

Dr.Deeboon Methakullachat Dr.Benjaporn Wethavivon Dr.Korchoke Chantawarangkul Dr.Sutharin Satapitanont

Dr.Yaianong Timsuwan Dr.Chaichan Suttikan

Dr.Kitjapat Phuvoravan Dr.Piya Chotickai

Dr.Sanchai Mitraim Dr.Somsak Chotichanathawewong Dr.Songwut Hengprathanee Dr.Suneerat Kusalasai

Dr.Suphawut Malaikrisanachalee Dr.Suttisak Soralump Dr.Wanchai Yodsudjai Dr.Barames Vattanaputi

Adjunct Faculty Members:

Dr.Bancha Suparinayok Dr.Kamolwan Lueprasert

Dr.Kuldej Sinthawanarong Dr.Pornsak Pudhaphongsiriporn

Dr.Wiwat Saenthien Dr.Youngyuth Taesiri

Visiting Professors:

Tokyo Inst. of Technology ● Kumamoto University

Prof.Chitoshi Miki Prof.Tatsuro Sakimoto

Prof.Osamu Kusakabe Prof.Toshitaka Yamao

Prof.Nobuaki Otsuki Prof.Ichiro Kobayashi

Prof.Tetsuo Yai Prof.Masayasu Ohtsu

Prof.Jiro Takemura
Kyoto University ● National University of Singapore

Prof.Masashi Kamon Prof.Thiam-soon Tan

Oregon State University ● Musashi Institute of Technology

Prof.Jame R. Lundy Prof.Nobutoshi Masuda

Griffith University

Prof.Sam Fragomeni

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