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Westmoreland County Housing Authority

154 South Greengate Road 

Greensburg, PA 15601

Call   1-800-924-2669 X 3037         


Visit the Westmoreland County Housing Authority Website

Homeless Assistance Program for Rental Assistance (HAP)

The Homeless Assistance Program (HAP) at Westmoreland County Housing Authority assists families and individuals who are homeless or facing eviction. We can provide partial financial assistance in the form of back rent, first month's rent, security deposit, or mortgage assistance. The HAP is funded through the Department of Public Welfare. If you receive any type of public assistance and you are homeless or facing eviction, you should check with your DPA caseworker to see if you are eligible for an Emergency Shelter Allowance (ESA). If you are not eligible for an ESA benefit, you can contact Rental Services to apply for financial help with rent. If you are a Section 8 tenant or are getting on the Section 8 program, you are not eligible to apply for HAP funds. To find out more about Rental Services or to get an application for assistance, call WCHA and press 2 to speak with a Case Manager from Rental Services Department.


Westmoreland County Shelters

Connect, Inc.

Provides case management services for the homeless and coordinates their need for emergency shelter. Connect Inc. operates Welcome Home, Safe Harbor and Westmoreland Permanent Supportive Housing. All three shelters serve women, women and children, and families.

Connect, Inc.

Eastgate 8 

Monessen, PA 15062 
Phone: 724-684-4777

Welcome Home

218 S. Maple Ave. Suite 200 

Greensburg, Pa 15601 
Phone: 724-838-9133

Safe Harbor

218 S. Maple Ave. Suite 300 

Greensburg, PA 15601 
Phone: 724-837-2805

Westmoreland Permanent Supportive Housing

302 Chamber Plaza 

Charleroi, PA 15022 
Phone:  724-489-8095

Union Mission

Homeless shelter for men.  Located in Latrobe, PA  

Union Mission 
2217 East Harrison Avenue 
Latrobe, PA 15650 

Alle-Kiski Hope Center

Emergency 30 Day Shelter providing safety to victims fleeing violence in their homes. Serving communities in Southwestern PA  

HOPE Center Emergency Hotlines 
Toll Free 888-299-HOPE (4673)


Blackburn Center Against Domestic & Sexual Violence

Emergency shelter for survivors of intimate partner violence and their children  

Emergency Hotlines 724-836-1122 (hotline) 
Toll Free 1-888-832-2272  

Blackburn Center Against Domestic & Sexual Violence 

P.O. Box 398 
Greensburg, PA  15601 
724-837-9540 (office) 

Westmoreland Community Action

Telephone: 724-834-1260

Toll Free Phone: 800-816-0022

FAX: 724-838-9563

TTY: 724-834-3256

226 South Maple Avenue 

Greensburg, PA 15601

They provide: Transitional Housing

**Next Steps Supportive Housing Program

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