West View Shores Civic Association Top of the Chesapeake Bay

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West View Shores Civic Association

Top of the Chesapeake Bay

18 Short Road

Earleville, Maryland 21919-2269
Important Dates
May 1 - CA Dues/Trash Service Deadline
May 15 - Beach Beautification Day 9:00 AM
May 29 - Civic Association Meeting 9:30 AM

March 15, 2010 An Important Message from the Board of Directors

Over the last several months the Civic Association Board has been actively engaged in settlement discussions with the EPA Board to avoid the court trial scheduled for May 3, 2010. Even while negotiations are on-going, we must also prepare our legal defense should the EPA plaintiffs not agree to dismiss their lawsuit against the West View Shores Civic Association. Listed are a few key milestones:

  • EPA continues to claim the merger was not accomplished, and claim they are the true owners of the basin property and roads in West View Shores.

  • The Civic Association Board will continue to negotiate an out of court settlement.

  • The Civic Association Board is the defendant and if a trial happens, we need your authorization for up to an additional $15,000. This estimated funding is required to prepare and defend the Civic Association.

If you are a current CA dues paying member, your approval to authorize up to $15,000 of additional funding is needed to cover estimated legal and court costs. Without your authorization to spend these additional dollars, the Civic Association will not be able to defend itself further and the basin property and roads may be lost to the EPA. Please return your vote in the envelope provided no later than March 30, 2010. We thank you and we will honor the majority vote direction.

Bob Davidson Rose Gipe Kathy Koster Holly Kutz Eddie Lavin

Ellie Leuliette Chris Payne Rocky Quinn Heide Rowan Barbara Savastano

Jack Shitama Ron Strickler Tim Townes Frank Woodruff

May 1st Deadline for Yearly Association Dues, Trash Collection & Voting at Memorial Day Meeting
WVSCA yearly $125 dues should be paid by January 1 but no later than May 1st. . Residents who have paid their dues by May 1 will receive summer trash pick-up beginning the Tuesday after Memorial Day, through the day after Labor Day. If your dues are not received by May 1st, we will assume that you do not want trash collection and the trash contractor will pick up your container.
Your dues help maintain the beauty of our community including the beach, dock and swim areas along with insurance coverage. If you have not sent in your payment, you still have time. Please make your check payable to “West View Shores Civic Association” mail to 18 Short Drive, Earleville, MD 21919.
Road Maintenance Work Continues
Prior to the winter a few board members and residents worked to improve the drainage along Basin Road. More work is needed this spring. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Bob Davidson.

A special thank you is expressed to all the workers who continue to donate countless hours to make our community safe and beautiful. If you would like be a volunteer for summer chores, call Rocky Quinn or just join in when you see work underway this season.

Army Corps Testing Wells at Pierce Creek
The Army Corps recently indicated that additional wells will be drilled and tested through May 2010 on their property. Also selected WVS residents may be contacted by the Army Corps to obtain permission for drilling a test well on their WV property. If you have questions, please contact the Army Corps as we do not have any further information regarding the testing of wells.

Questions or comments are welcomed by the WVSCA Board. Please contact us anytime by phone or send questions via WVSCA web site. For a current list of officers and directors, check the web site: www.westviewshores.org

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