West Allis Youth Wrestling Freestyle/Greco Tournament

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West Allis Youth Wrestling

Freestyle/Greco Tournament

Saturday April 8th, 2017
Pre-Registration only www.trackwrestling.com

Entry Fee $20 per style or $30 for both

Limit 300 wrestlers

Deadline: Friday, April 7th - 8pm (if limit not reached)
West Allis Central Ed Stech Fieldhouse

8516 West Lincoln, West Allis, WI 53227

Great Concessions / Competitive Wrestling

FORMAT: 4-Man Brackets, Round robin, USA Wrestling Rules


INTERMEDIATE Age: Born 2007-2008

NOVICE Age: Born 2005-2006

SCHOOLBOY Age: Born 2003-2004

CADET Age: Born 2001-2002

JUNIOR Age: Born 1997-2000 (must be currently in HS)
Check-in/Weigh-Ins: 7:00-8:00 am U.S.A. CARD REQUIRED

Must present USA card at check-ins/weigh-ins
Cards may be purchased online. Not available on-site

Greco-Roman starts 9:00am - Freestyle to follow

Awards: medals for 1st & 2nd Champions receive bracket

Spectator fee: $1 children 12 & under - $2 adults


Randy Dusing (414) 507-7861 rvdusing@gmail.com

Jon Nelson (414) 617-4335 wacwrestling@gmail.com

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