Wasatch Front Animal Control Agencies

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Wasatch Front Animal Control Agencies

If you have lost your pet, we recommend that you check nearby shelters, in person, at least every other day.

The best person to identify your animal is you.
South Salt Lake Animal Services

Shelter: (801) 483-6024 2274 South 600 Westc:\users\tayler_stjohn\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files\content.ie5\7wpkb77u\mc900437950[1].wmfc:\users\tayler_stjohn\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files\content.ie5\7wpkb77u\mc900437950[1].wmf

Dispatch: (801) 840-4000 South Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Fax: (801) 886-0762


Monday – Closed

Tue. – Fri. – 9:30am to 5:30pm

Sat. & Sun. – Closed

Bluffdale Riverton West Valley City

14175 S Redwood Rd *See Salt Lake County 4522 W 3500 S

Bluffdale, UT 84065 West Valley, UT 84120

Shelter: (801) 254-2200 Salt Lake County Shelter: (801) 965-5800

511 W 3900 S Dispatch: (801) 840-4000

Cottonwood Heights Salt Lake City, UT 84123

1265 E Fort Union Blvd, #250 Shelter: (385) 468-7387

Cottonwood Heights, UT 84047 Dispatch: (801) 743-7045

City Office (licensing): (801) 944-7000 Fax: (385) 468-6028 OTHER ANIMAL - RELATED

Officer: (801) 833-8376 AGENCIES

*see Sandy Shelter Sandy

8715 S 700 W Humane Society of Utah

Draper Sandy, UT 84070 4242 S Commerce Dr. (300 W)

12375 S Galena Park Blvd (560 W) Shelter: (801) 352-4450 Murray, UT 84107

Draper, UT 84020 Dispatch: (801) 840-4000 Phone: (801) 261-2919

Shelter: (801) 576-1805

Dispatch: (801) 840-4000 South Jordan Utah Division of Wildlife

Fax: (801) 576-6341 10882 South Park Rd (~1850 W) Resources

South Jordan, UT 84095 1594 W North Temple

Herriman City Shelter: (801) 254-4708 Salt Lake City, UT 84116

*See Salt Lake County Dispatch: (801) 840-4000 Phone: (801) 538-4700

Holladay City Taylorsville Utah Animal Adoption Center

*See Salt Lake County *See West Valley City 1955 Redwood Road

Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Midvale Unincorporated Salt Lake County Phone: (801) 355-7387

*See Salt Lake County *See Salt Lake County

Murray West Jordan http://img2.embroiderydesigns.com/stockdesign/large/datastitch/dog%20cat.jpg

5624 S 300 W 5982 W New Bingham Hwy

Murray, UT 84107 West Jordan, UT 84088

Shelter: (801) 264-2671 Shelter: (801) 282-3951

Dispatch: (801) 840-4000 Dispatch: (801) 840-4000

Other County Agencies
Davis County Tooele City North Utah County South Utah County

1422 E 600 N 3312 N 1200 W 193 N 2000 W 582 W 3000 N

Fruit Heights, UT 84037 Tooele, UT 84074 Lindon, UT 84042 Spanish Fork, UT 84660

Phone: (801) 444-2200 Phone: (435) 882-4607 Phone: (801) 785-3442 Phone: (801) 851-4080

Prominent Cities/Towns: Prominent Cities/towns: Prominent Cities/Towns Prominent Cities/Towns

Layton, Bountiful, Tooele County, Wendover Orem, Lehi, Alpine, Provo, Spanish Fork,

Clearfield, Kaysville, For Grantsville’s # Call American Fork, Highland Springville

Centerville, Fruit Heights Tooele City

Summit County Wasatch County Weber County Washington County

1745 S Hoytsville Rd. 635 W Airports Rd 1373 N 750 W County Office:

Wanship, UT 84017 Heber City, UT 84032 Ogden, UT 84404 (435) 688-0183

Phone: (435) 615-3985 Phone: (435) 654-5727 Phone: (801) 399-8244 St. George Animal Control

Ogden City: (801) 629-8832 (435) 627-4350

Prominent Cities/Towns: Prominent Cities/Towns:

Park City, Kamas, Heber City, Midway Prominent Cities/Towns: Prominent Cities/Towns:

Coalville, Wanship Ogden City, North Ogden Hurricane, Leeds, Saint

City, Roy City George, Washington

If you are not able to find the number for your local Animal Control Agency, contact your local Police Department.

Other things to do to locate your animal:

  1. Call your own vet clinic and let them know your animal is missing.

  2. Call vet clinics in your surrounding area to see if anyone has called about finding an animal.

  3. Check lost and found animals on www.ksl.com, www.petharbor.com and www.petfinder.com.

  4. Check all forms of newspapers for lost and found animals

Last Updated: 11/14/2012
Please do not forget to check in with your own shelter, OFTEN! f:\everyone\logo\send logo guidelines with these\urban livability\urban_livability hor.jpg f:\everyone\logo\send logo guidelines with these\animal services\animalcvcs_horz_1.jpg f:\everyone\logo\send logo guidelines with these\city logo\ssl_logo_sec_vert_wht.jpg

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