Warren County, Alpha Borough Community Recreation Project

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Lafayette College

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Warren County, Alpha Borough - Community Recreation Project

CE 473: Design III Spring 2002

Subject: General Information

Contact Personal

Klara Tarsi – Board Member – 908-454-7770

Douglas Mace, P.E., P.P., L.S. – General Site Manager – 908-454-2262

Paul Burkardt AICP/PP – Site Planning Supervisor – 908-638-6462


The senior civil and environmental engineering design class (CE-473) of Lafayette College has been charged with redesigning a recreational area for Alpha Borough. Alpha Borough is located just north of Philipsburg, New Jersey, in Warren County.

Alpha is zoned through the borough. Water and sewer lines are available in all areas. A 9-1-1 emergency dispatching system is available for fire, ambulance and/or police. Alpha has its own police department. Volunteer squads provide ambulance and fire services for Alpha borough.

The following statistical information is based on the 2000 census.

  • Warren County Population – 102,437

  • Alpha Borough Population- 2615

  • Alpha Borough 25 year Population Projection – 2717

  • Warren County Area (Square Miles) – 364.55

  • Alpha Borough Area (Square Miles) – 1.80

  • 1997 the average price of a home was $106,602

  • 1998 the average family income was $34,498

The primary issues for this project are as follows:

  • Scope of project - Interview community members in order establish direction

  • Address whether or not the pool should be maintained ($260,000 to redo)

  • To build or modify the existing buildings

    • Senior/Youth Recreation Center (approximately 14,000 sq. ft.)

      • The size may vary based on your findings

    • Athletic Building

  • Development of baseball, football, basketball, soccer fields, and/or playgrounds

  • Development of extensive drainage and stormwater plan

    • Sinkhole prone area

  • Identify source of funding and development a proposal.

    • Possible source - Greenacres (low interest loan and grant)

Possible Group Personnel Assignments


Responsible for assessing the type of buildings, the design and engineering


Responsible for foundation design of the building and sink hole issues


Responsible for Phase 1 Assessment, establish source for funding for recreation center proposal and write recreational center proposal


Stormwater management, all aspects


Parking lots and any other transportation concerns, such as getting senior citizen to and from center – also assist stormwater management plan.

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