Victor Stamov Memorial new worldwide Sunrise freeflight series

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Victor Stamov Memorial

new worldwide Sunrise freeflight series

by Ansgar Nüttgens

All Freeflight friends around the globe are invited to take part in this new developed freeflight postal event in remembrance of the great Ukrainian sportsman Victor Stamov, who died last year.

VSM is not taking place as usual day contest with thermal picking to fly a Max, where you have to drive to a World Cup far away to a flying field to compare with the best, but in VSM everybody decide individually, when, where and how often he fly in the morning straight after the sunrise in dead air without thermal assistance, to measure only glide performance of your model and in case of available altimeter, also the glide rate. VSM will be a self running contest with online registration and online results/ data entering and can be flown several times between July, 1st 2014 and June, 30th 2015. More details you find under or on Facebook.

  • You go out alone or with friends together with a timekeeper at any morning to any fled field and make 5 (minimum 4) unlimited flights in dead calm air to the ground beginning at sunrise until latest 2 hours after sunrise. Also special sunrise contests are possible and can be offered separate or the day before / after other contests.

  • The flight with the highest and the lowest time will be cancelled

  • the average of the remaining 3 flights will be calculated as final result

  • in case of only 4 flights, the not flown flight will be cancelled as 0 of lowest time

  • for the best 10, minimum 10% flyers the average of 2 results flown on different field, otherwise best results will be taken in the total ranking

  • You can fly in „normal“ classes F1A, B, C, Q, G, H, P-30 or in innovative VSM classes with usual models, but small restrictions to fly also on smaller fields with lower performance.

  • F1A-50 or F1H-50 –> launch with 50m line without gaining height by acceleration

  • F1B-E -> rubber models without variable pitch propeller

  • F1Q-3 -> start of a F1Q model with energy of max 3 Joule/ sec (regular 5 Joule/sec)

  • Online registration, enter flying results and additional data (some are mandatory, some on volunteer basis) and transfer of VSM fee 2€ in European SEPA states by bank transfer (cost you no extra fee) or per PAYPAL by addition of 0,5€ fee per transfer to cover the cost.

  • Results and ranking will be found online under .

Until now freeflight friends in 30 countries around the world has committed to help as VSM country coordinator - list see .

This VSM series is coordinated also with Liudmila Stamova and she supports VSM. Thanks to all helper, especially Shlomi Rosenzweig (USA) for building this helping website

In case of queries please ask your friends or your country coordinator, as last step fill in the contact form under, if queries relate to registration/ entering results data.

So wake up early and go out for VSM flying - that the new way of freeflight!

Fly long ... but without thermal! 

AN 28/06/14 Info VSM 2014/2015

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files -> O‘rta asrlar Sharq allomalari va mutafakkirlarining tarixiy merosi, uning zamonaviy sivilizatsiya rivojidagi roli va ahamiyati
files -> Valyutani tartibga solish to'G'risida o'zbekiston Respublikasi Qonuniga o'zgartishlar va qo'shimchalar kiritish haqida
files -> Vazirlar Mahkamasining 1994 yil 13 apreldagi 206-son qarori bilan tasdiqlangan
files -> Garov to'G'risidagi o'zbekiston respublikasi qonuniga o'zgartishlar va qo'shimchalar kiritish haqida
files -> Ipoteka to'G'risida qonunchilik palatasi tomonidan 2006 yil 28 iyunda qabul qilingan Senat tomonidan 2006 yil 25 avgustda ma'qullangan

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