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Read and choose the correct answer for each question below (33-36)

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Read and choose the correct answer for each question below (33-36).

Today the United States' flag has 50 stars. That's one for

each state. It has 13 stripes to stand for each of the original

13 colonies. It is unofficially called the Stars and Stripes.

But the flag did not always look this way. The Second

Continental Congress commissioned the first U.S. flag in

1777. But it did not exist until 1783, after the American

Revolution ended. Historians are not sure who designed the

Stars and Stripes. Many different flags are believed to have

been used during the American Revolution. The flag of 1777

was used until 1795. Then Congress passed an act ordering

that a new flag have 15 stripes, alternate red and white, and

15 stars on a blue field. In 1818, Congress directed that the

flag have 13 stripes. It also decided that a new star be added

for each new state of the Union. The last star was added in

1960 for the state of Hawaii. There are customs for flying the

flag and treating it with respect. For example, it should not

touch the floor. No other flag should be flown above it,

except for the UN flag at UN headquarters.
33. According to the passage which of the following action is a sign of disrespect to the American flag?

A) Laying it on the ground. B) Washing it.

C) Flying it above other flags. D) Folding it.

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