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May 1, 2012 Tuesday

Breast cancer library honors woman's legacy

The new lending library at University Medical Center at Princeton's Breast Health Center has been named in honor of Christina S. Walsh, whose foundation provides financial assistance and comfort to breast cancer patients and their families.

The library holds more than 30 titles on topics, including education on treatment options, coping, and healthy living, along with children's books related to breast cancer.

The library's holdings are available in addition to books and other materials distributed to patients at UMCP's Breast Health Center.

Both the library and the book program are supported by funds from the Christina S. Walsh Breast Cancer Foundation.

"I am honored that Christina's name will be remembered through this library, which provides education and comfort to so many," said Robert Walsh, Christina's husband and trustee of the foundation.

Christina S. Walsh was 32 when she passed away in August 2004.

She and her family were on a trip to Walt Disney World in June 2004 when she became very ill. Insurance would not pay for a private medical jet that was needed to transport Christina from Florida to New Jersey for treatment. Family members and friends pooled their resources to cover the cost.

In her final weeks, Christina was determined to provide relief to other breast cancer patients and their families. The foundation was established to carry out her wishes.

It has provided more than $100,000 in support to the Breast Health Center, providing free screenings for poor women, gift cards for groceries, and robes and post-operative camisoles for patients.

"Over the years, we have used these funds to provide meaningful comfort, education and vital services to our patients," said Beth Krefski, director of the Breast Health Center. "We felt that dedicating the library in Christina's name was the best way to show our gratitude for the foundation's generosity."

The Christina S. Walsh Breast Cancer Foundation raises its grant funds through events and donations throughout the year.

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