Ubereats was launched on August 18, 2015 in San Francisco. Ubereats offers on-demand food delivery from local restaurants

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Uber Eats

UberEATS was launched on August 18, 2015 in San Francisco. UberEATS offers on-demand food delivery from local restaurants. Customers choose menu items from a restaurant, and then UberEATS drivers pick up the food at the restaurant and deliver the food to the customer.Today UberEATS operates in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and in some cities in Africa. It is present in 29 countries and has a turnover of 870 million euros.

Users of UberEATS can read the menu, order, and pay for food from participating restaurants using their device using an application on the iOS or Android platforms or through a web browser.Users additionally have the option of giving a tip for delivery. The app detects the user's location and displays restaurants open at the time separately from those that are closed. Payment is charged to a credit/debit card on file with Uber. Meals are delivered by couriers using cars, bikes, or on foot. Upon ordering, the customer is notified of the total price combining delivery fee and meal price. Customers can track the delivery status after the order is placed As of August 2018; Uber Eats changed its flat $4.99 delivery fee rate to varying fee according to the distance. The fee ranges from $2 to $8 as the minimum and maximum rate varying according to the distance covered by delivery services.

It is important to note that the platform occasionally features food from local celebrity chefs wishing to increase their public visibility, including some who do not have physical restaurants. Depending on the city, people can sign up to deliver food orders for Uber Eats using their car, bike, scooter, or on foot. Delivery partners earn money for each delivery trip based on number of trips and the distance between the restaurant and the drop-off location. In most cities of the USA, partners must be 19 years of age or older in order to participate. Uber drivers who currently provide rides for Uber are also able to sign up to do delivery.

UberEATS drivers pick up and deliver food to customers. Drivers do not handle payment, only deliveries and UberEATS cars can be 1998 or newer. Drivers can choose to do only food deliveries while they work, or if car qualifies driver can also do regular Uber rides. The app will tell driver if the drop off is curbside, or if driver has to go to their door. UberEATS drivers earn around $8 – $12 per hour after accounting for vehicle expenses. Customers can tip inside the Uber app. Driver keeps 100% of tips

Although Uber is promising to make a great costumer service some reviews on the Internet are in a negative manner. Here are some of the reviews from trustpilot.com and quora.com

According to one of the customers he experienced worse customer service ever.” I am a gold member. Ordered my food. Driver did not delivered. Call driver, never picked up the phone. Called UE they could get in contact with the driver either. Credit card was billed, they never refunded the money and u never received my food. I asked to speak with the supervisor and the cssv agent refused to transfer me. I will never use them again”

One another customer’s card was hacked using UberEATS “Someone hacked my debit card and ordered 4x from this outfit. Over $200 worth of food charges that have been disputed and refunded to me. You guys need better security somehow”


Lavanya Deivaa from Chennai, India also posted a negative review. She says the following

“This happened today. We ordered food as usual from a popular restaurant using Uber Eats. It said 30–40 minutes for delivery. But then we got it by less than 20 minutes. Who isn’t happy about fast food delivery? But the problem was the food delivered. It had no Bill, name and stuff. Only a small note saying “3 Biryanis” We asked if it is really from the restaurant we had ordered? The delivery person said “Yes” But then how can we be sure?” Then she called the restaurant asking for the bill. But the person in charge was very rude with her and denied to give a bill. And said even if she did not like the food the money would not be refunded


Road to new service, Uber rent

Since February 2018, Uber has integrated e-bikes into its application, and in April, the company bought the Jump bike sharing platform for nearly $ 200 million (about 171 million euros). It operates in 8 US cities, including New York, Washington and Denver. She is also preparing to start her activities in Berlin. More recently, Uber has entered into agreements with Lime, a state-of-the-art electric scooter rental platform. Lime is already present in Zurich, Frankfurt, Berlin and Paris, and wants to expand its activities in twenty European cities by the end of this year. It has also signed with Masabi, a London-based application specializing in the purchase of electronic tickets for public transport, or get around, a startup specializing in renting and sharing cars.

Uber rent. It will be launched in San Francisco first in order to test the viability of the service in May 2019 and works Within the Uber App. Main target of this service is group of people who want to live car free. Since the service is not launched, yet we can assume the price of Uber Rent looking at the prices of acquired company get around. Get around car owners set the price they want to charge renters, with rates starting at $5 per hour. In addition to this, get around charges renters the following fees:

  • Booking Fee — 3% of the trip price (with a $1 minimum)

  • License Fee — $10 one-time fee to cover the cost of driving record processing

  • Under 25 Fee — The fees are as follows:

    • Age 19 — 75% of trip price

    • Age 20 — 45% of trip price

    • Age 21 — 25% of trip price

    • Age 22 — 15% of trip price

    • Age 23 — 10% of trip price

    • Age 24 — 5% of trip price

Get around, the foundation for Uber Rent mostly has positive reviews, which enables the Uber Rent’s success. Glassdor review 4 out of 5

Workers at Getaround say you work with awesome people. The environment is great however, can get really busy but that's what a growing business comes with!

Uber Freight

Uber Freight was established in May 2017. It is an app for delivery trucks that connects drivers and shippers.

There are a number of benefits of Uber Freight. Shippers and truck drivers can

Tender a load in seconds: Create and tender loads with just a few clicks and dramatically reduce the time and energy it takes to book a shipment.

See instant marketplace pricing: Get instant and transparent price quotes for shipments. Uber Freight’s rates are based on market conditions and other factors and generated in real-time.

Access Uber Freight’s reliable network of carriers and drivers: Have peace of mind knowing all loads tendered through the shipper platform are backed by Uber Freight’s vast and reliable network of carriers.

Track freight in real-time: Track shipments online at any time of day. Automatic notifications for major milestones mean no more searching through an overcrowded inbox for tracking information.

Streamline document management: Upon delivery, necessary documents and paperwork are automatically organized and stored for instant and future access.

Besides benefits that Uber Freight offers reviews about this service is not so positive. According to Road Train member, Tall Joe, “Uber is a system offering cheap freight as a rule of thumb. Their good rates can only be snatched, if you patient enough to constantly monitor their app, and they don't stay there for too long. They are completely transparent about the load details...consignor, consignee, commodity, pick up and delivery hours....finally rate. This in itself is a lot of info about what to expect.

I don't see any difference on the scale of morale between UBER, CHR, JB HUNT, TQL, CONVOY, XPO, Coyote ..., X,... - anybody when there is an unpleasant development. It is never easy and straightforward to get paid accessorials , as a matter of fact, not getting paid what is expected or even nothing at all is a necessary risk to account for.

I don't want to defend UBER, just saying that is as ####ty to get paid detention from them as it is from CHR and others. I am more concerned with the likes of Uber that they can become too technological in their own greedy agenda...for instance, I can imagine...easily, that they could algorithmetically sense that you prefer certain lanes, or where your home area is and will target cheaper rates at you...or even present only certain freight and hide some others.”

3M Transit company, Bobtail member posted the following “We tried our first load with Uber Freight yesterday’s. My driver arrived at the shipper and proceeded to wait 6 hours of course he notified Uber before he reached 2 hours and the broker insured him she would get it taken care of to please just wait. My driver proceeded to wait 6 hours until he gets a call that they cancelled the load. The broker Giovanna told my driver she would pay him the line haul plus his detention at $35/hour. I never hear from the broker again. So I pick up the phone and call Uber and ask and the guy on the other end of the phone offers me $250. I tell him to shove it that $250 doesn’t even cover the detention pay let alone a TONU. Beware you will get screwed!!!! Do not use Uber”


Uber has launched a motorbike service in Thailand, marking the first time that the company has offered rides on two-wheeled vehicles. Uber said the new service is aimed at cities in emerging markets where traffic congestion is particularly severe. Few month later Uber launched its bike-sharing service in a few other Indian cities, including Bengaluru, earlier this year but has faced regulatory resistance and has had to suspend it. With 100,000 driver partners and approximately 2,500 new partner sign-ups per week, Bangladesh is expected to contribute 25% of Uber’s growth in the region in 2019. Speaking about the achievement, Uber’s President of India and South Asia Pradeep Parameswaran, said: “In our two years of operations here, we have helped strengthen an already vibrant entrepreneurial culture by creating employment opportunities for driver partners and millions of rides for our loyal customers.” An official web site of Uber describes this project as an affordable and convenient motorcycle ride at the push of a button, through the Uber app. Riders receive driver and bike details just as they do for other Uber rides, as well as all standard safety features before, during and after the ride including requisite insurance coverage, which covers the riders, GPS tracking, two-way feedback and the ability to share trip details with family and friends. 

On January 15, 2018, Hao Tran member of Travelcodex.com crew posted a review on uberMOTO. Uber launched its motorbike offering in March in Bangalore and Bangkok, only to get shutdown a couple months later. But the service is thriving in Vietnam, where regulations allow Uber to permit without too much oversight. And at a base fare of 10,000 VND (USD$0.45), the UberMOTO option is a fun and fast way to get around traffic-congested Ho Chi Minh City. All Uber motorbikes have a handrail on the back of the bike so that you can hang on to it during your ride. In Vietnam, locals call the motorbikes ‘Xe Om’ which means hugging bikes (as in you hug the driver while riding). No need to do that with your driver, thankfully.You’ll zip through the city with UberMOTO and just like an UberX, the payment is cashless. You’ll have the option to pay with cash though, as you would with Uber in many cities throughout Southeast Asia.

Author also Example fares:

  • Park Hyatt Saigon to Jade Emperor Pagoda: 12,000 VND ($0.53)

  • Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers to Cuc Gach Quan (my favorite restaurant in Saigon): 15,000 VND ($0.67)

  • Le Meredien Saigon to the Independence Palace: 14,000 VND ($0.62)

Also user named 7Craig7x posted the following on TripAdvisor:

In Hanoi now and have used both Uber-moto and grab-bike and both are a great way of getting around especially for solo travellers. Generally less than 1/2 the fare and quicker than regular taxi. And best of all no need to haggle. Also a fun experience.... And also good to support disruptive technologies that provide alternatives to businesses that routinely rip off their customers


UberBOAT began in late June of 2017 in the luminous archipelago of Croatia’s tourist-choked islands. Uber has previously run boat services around specific events in Miami, Istanbul and Cannes, France — where it also flew helicopters for the last three film festivals — but company officials said the Croatia service was the first attempt at an ongoing marine presence. Home to 1,244 islands and over 1,000 miles of mainland coastline, Croatia is best explored by boat, but unravelling yacht charters and public ferries can prove difficult, to say the least. UberBOAT is serving the country’s ever-popular seaside spots of Split, Hvar, and Dubrovnik, allowing people to request two different types of speedboats to shuttle them from place to place. Davor Tremac, Uber’s general manager for Southeast Europe, declined to provide specific revenue and ridership figures for UberBOAT, saying only that “several hundred people” used the service in its first six weeks. Depending on the success in Croatia, he said, boat service could soon be available in Greece, Spain, Thailand and the Caribbean.

Recent figures show Croatia attracting 16 million tourists a year, mostly in July and August. There are regular ferry services to the most popular of its 1,200 islands, like Hvar and Brac, and a flotilla of boats for rent or for set tours can be found along the harbor front in Split and other coastal resorts. UberBOAT is aimed at people who want a more personalized, on-demand service — and are willing to pay for it. For example, a one-way Uber trip to Hvar from Split on an eight-seat boat cost 2,600 kuna (about $416, or $52 per person); ferry tickets run about $16. Uber Adventures cost a minimum of 330 kuna (about $53) plus $5.75 per kilometer and 50 cents per minute. UberBOAT will also take visitors directly from Split’s waterfront airport to Hvar, about an hour’s journey, for about $480 for up to eight passengers, or $600 for up to 12. That would replace a half-hour $35 taxi ride from the airport to the line for the $16 ferry — where the wait for the next boat can be up to four hours and the water journey itself lasts two hours. According to official web site of Uber are following option of boat trip are offered in Croatia:

Transfer: from the mainland to the island

UberBOAT will get you from point A to point B and back! Order UberBOAT directly from Split Airport or city center and travel to Hvar in style, or head to island of Brač or Vis. Or get to famous Elaphiti islands straight from Dubrovnik city centre. Throw your bags in the speedboat, kick back, and enjoy the ride.

Trip: escape the crowds to best-kept secret beaches, the choice is yours

The boat is yours. Use it as you wish, wherever you want to go, for how long you want. Sightseeings ideas: explore the nearby islands; discover hidden beaches, bays, and coves. Choose either Blue or Green Cave, or visit both of them!

Recently company uberBOAT started working in Mumbai too. “We are excited to launch Uber Boat in Mumbai, in partnership with Maharashtra Maritime Board, as pioneers in the organized on-demand transport system, Uber’s vision is to create a multi-modal platform to better serve riders and the cities we operate in” was said by Prabhjeet Singh, Uber India and South Asia’s Head of Cities. Starting at $80 USD for a 6- to 8-seater speedboat and $132 for a 10-person Uber Boat XL, riders (who must reserve full boats rather than individual seats) can commission travel between three destinations along the city’s waterway at the push of a button. Lifejackets included. Uber commissioned a report by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) on Mumbai traffic patterns that was released last April, according to Quartz. Its research showed that commuters in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Kolkata spend up to 1.5 hours more on their daily commutes during peak traffic times than counterparts in other Asian cities. Uber and BCG found that the congestion costs the Indian cities as much as $22 billion a year. By now, uberBoat is available only in two counties, which nothing compared to GetMyBoat, which is considered as one of the biggest players in market and can be found in over 2,300 locations in 184 countries and have 130,000 boats by now.


For the third year in a row, Uber is offering tech bros with unique an opportunity to transcend the crowds and headaches of big cities by booking a helicopter ride through the app. From January 4-8, people in Las Vegas for CES can select the Uber Chopper option in the app, and an UberX will arrive to ferry them to Maverick Helicopters on the outskirts of McCarren Airport. There, they’ll be treated to a 15 minute pleasure ride over the city. Laughing and shaking your fist at the Las Vegas Convention Center, where CES is headquartered, is optional. The price is $100 per person, give or take surge pricing several hundred feet in the sky. Uber started out as a luxury black-car service, and what better way to honor those roots than by giving private helicopter rides to cash-flush tech investors during the year’s biggest consumer electronics show. Last year, Uber started offering yacht trips to decadent riches in Dubai. However, while cruising through the air with “Flight of the Valkyries” blasting in headphones, one could not help but think of the ride-hail company’s latest mind-boggling project: Uber Elevate. In an ambitious research paper released late last year, the company envisions a fleet of lightweight, electric aircraft that take off and land vertically from preexisting urban heliports and skyscraper rooftops. These VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft would operate using fixed wings with tilt prop-rotors. According to official web site of Uber, following options of uberCHOPPER are available in Dubai:

12 – minute tour The Pearl Tour starts at The Atlantis The Palm and heads to Burj Khalifa while flying over the most famous landmarks of Dubai: Burj Al Arab, Dubai coastline and back to The Atlantis The Palm. Cost Per Person: AED520 (USD141)

15 – minute tour The Fun Ride is from The Atlantis The Palm to the Burj Khalifa over the Burj Al Arab, The World Islands, Jumeirah Palm and back to The Atlantis. Cost Per Person: AED660 (USD180)

25 – minute tour The City Circuit takes you over the Old Dubai Creek via the Burj Al Arab, The World Islands, Burj Khalifa, Union House, Port Rashid, Ski Dubai, New Dubai, Dubai Marina, and more, then back to The Atlantis The Palm. Cost Per Person: AED1050 (USD286)

A few days ago, Uber unveiled its Uber Express Pool offer, a cheaper service than UberPool that simplifies the lives of drivers and keeps users running, it seems that the company wants to conquer new markets. With UBER Health, the company is aimed at health professionals.

Based on the fact that 3.6 million Americans miss medical appointments because of a reliable transportation problem, Uber decided to solve this problem. Similar to the Uber Central concept, Uber Health allows medical facilities in the United States to order a race for their patients, offering reliable and comfortable transportation for them. Today, more than 100 health care organizations, including hospitals, clinics and home care centers, use Uber Health.
The service comes in two forms, an online dashboard and an API to facilitate the integration of the service with existing health products. The advantage is that it is not necessary to have an Uber account, the notifications arrive directly by message. A good thing for older patients who are not used to or have problems with technology!

In terms of functionality, Uber highlights four main ones:

Flexible route planning

Trips can be scheduled on behalf of patients, caregivers and staff 30 days in advance or within hours. Different routes can be scheduled and managed at the same time, from the dashboard.

Access for patients even without smartphone

Everything is by message. Uber will also integrate the ability to receive a call on mobile or landline phone with the details of the trip. For many, the first race will be run by Uber Health, which is committed to providing the necessary tools to ensure that patients have a comfortable commute.

Simple management

Organizations can easily find all the details of the races and their amounts. Reports on requested trips, monthly billing, appointments and scheduled trips are easy to get and free!

HIPAA compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a law that deals with health and health insurance. To meet these standards, Uber worked in partnership with Clearwater Compliance, a HIPAA compliance company. The company can thus boast of signing business associate agreements with health companies.

As for the business model, Uber charges healthcare organizations the cost of individual races. Chris Weber in charge of Uber Health, insists that the proposed service is not an alternative to ambulances, but a need that meets the expectations of patients and American institutions.


Uber would work on "Uber Works," an on-demand labor service to offer servers or security agents at one-off events. The VTC company is pursuing a policy of diversification in the idea of carrying out its IPO. Going in this direction, the company made its first bond issue and raised $ 2 billion.

Uber marks one more step in its diversification policy. After the delivery of food (UberEats) and its delivery service by truck (Uber Freight), here is Uber Works. The VTC company would seek to develop this new application in Chicago, according to the Financial Times. The latter would consist of hiring punctually and at the request of security agents or servers, says the information site.

Uber Works, an on-demand labor service

Uber would like to apply its model of "vehicle on demand" to the workforce in order to offer servers and security agents during specific events. Uber is reported to have started recruiting for this new application, adds the Financial Times. The job offer speaks of a "special project" with a Chicago-based team with "ambitious goals," the news site reports. Potential candidates must have an appetite for on-demand work and be prepared to be called at requested times such as at night, weekends and during vacations, basically describing the ad.

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