U of w restoration Ecology Network rfp form Question Client Name: Jim Freese Question Organization: Friends of North Creek Forest Question 3

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U of W Restoration Ecology Network RFP Form

Question 1. Client Name: Jim Freese

Question 2. Organization: Friends of North Creek Forest

Question 3. E-mail address: jfreese@friendsnorthcreekforest.org

Question 4. Phone number: 425-273-3772

Question 5. FAX:

Question 6. Mailing Address: 20218 108th Ave NE, Bothell, WA 98011

Question 7. Name of Project: North Creek Forest – UW-REN Project 3

Question 8. Site Location (city, county, watershed, cross-streets, section, township, range):

The site is located in the lower North Creek Sub-basin within the 64-acre North Creek Forest in Bothell Washington (see maps at end)

The site to be restored is contiguous with and just north of the 2011-12 and 2012-13 UW-REN projects (see maps at end). It is on private land owned by MainStreet Property Group LLC, a development company headquartered in Kirkland WA..

From the University of Washington Bothell: From the north campus exit walk or drive north on Beardsley Ave. Go left at the first left turn lane then immediately right onto 112th Ave NE. The site is approximately 1/3 mile down 112th Ave NE on the left side of the road.

Question 9. Site Description: (Size of project area, topography, watershed positioning, level of disturbance, existing land use):

The site runs along the gradient of an east-facing hillslope. The upper portion of the site is a young deciduous-dominated forest (e.g., big leaf maple, red alder, some western red cedar) with minor amounts of non-native invasive species. The lower portion of the site, on a less steep portion of the slope was part of a cleared former homestead site and is invaded completely by non-native species (mostly Himalayan blackberry and some English holly).

The restoration team can determine the exact size of the site once they assess conditions, but it should be similar to the 2011-12 site, which was 0.25 acres.

Groundwater from this site, and from the surrounding forest, recharges North Creek, a Tier 2 salmon bearing stream that runs through the 58 acres of restored wetlands at UWB.

Question 10. Project Goals & Objectives (What is to be accomplished and why):

The goal is to restore native vegetation appropriate to local environmental conditions and greater forest function, engage local groups and individuals in the project and foster a sense of stewardship and pride in the human community. On this latter note this is the beginning of a much larger effort which will someday require substantial ongoing community stewardship. Along with previous UW-REN projects, this project will serve as the model for work within the 64-acre North Creek Forest that will include additional reforestation, erosion repair and control, restoring diverted ground and surface water as well as trail building and maintenance.

The gradient in environmental conditions and current vegetation communities on site now will provide some different, distinct challenges for the restoration team. The upper portion of the site is largely young, native forest. While there will be some invasive control / removal there, the focus will be largely on forest enhancement (driving the forest forward toward later successional stages). The lower section will require much more invasive species removal and planting with early successional species that can survive the high light, seasonally-dry conditions.

Adjacent land also contains a high density of invasive plants especially further along on the north side. To prevent reinvasion a substantial buffer would be highly preferred.

Question 11. Deliverables (What are the deliverables you expect from the UW-REN student Group):

  • Assess soil and hydrologic characteristics relevant to restoring the forest canopy.

  • Prepare a general proposal and a detailed work plan (including a planting plan).

  • Prepare a final report documenting the before and after conditions and rational for decisions (the “as-built” report).

  • Prepare a document providing monitoring and maintenance recommendations for subsequent years.

  • Adequately inform and oversee volunteers at restoration events

  • Document the project and produce a press release for local news and television.

  • Create a 10-minute video presentation showing the project beginning to end. This would be posted on Friends of North Creek Forest website and on You Tube for public use and distribution. The specific focus: How UW-REN works. The big story: Step one to bring an urban forest back to its highest ecological function.

Question 12. Reference Material (what reference information can be provided to assist in the research and development of the project goals/ baseline data, reports, site reconnaissance information):

We can provide a PPT presentation so students can see the value of their contribution in the greater context of the whole forest and surrounding ecosystem.

We have a web site that describes the North Creek Forest, provides specific information, and documents the dynamics involved in bringing North Creek Forest Parklands into the conservation community: http://www.friendsnorthcreekforest.org/

Question 13. Volunteer Resources (If volunteers are going to assist in aspects of the project does your organization have access to a volunteer resource pool):

Friends of North Creek Forest currently has written commitments from neighbors, students, and friends for many hours of stewardship. Pledges vary from “summer only” to anytime. We have now worked extensively with volunteers on previous UW-REN (and other) projects and feel confident we can assist the team in organizing good volunteer turnouts. One of the neighbors continues to be willing to allow us to use his porch and house to help with volunteer events. We also hope to have a Volunteer Coordinator on staff to help with organizing the UW-REN and other events.
Question 14. Other relevant information
Proposed Site 3 Proximity to UWB Campus

2013-14 UW-REN Capstone Project Proposed Site

UW-REN webpage: http://depts.washington.edu/uwren/capstone/clients

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