Two column notes on Geographic Regions How do they impact the economy? Appalachian Plateau Located

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Two column notes on Geographic Regions

How do they impact the economy?

Appalachian Plateau

Located: Upper left corner (TAG) Smallest region
Resources: Georgia’s only coal deposit

Landscape: caves, canyons, rock formations

Lookout Mountain is in this region

Industries: mining for coal, tourists

Valley and Ridge

Located between the mountains regions.
Landscape: areas of flat farmland as well as narrow ridges

Home to the bloodiest Civil War battle in Georgia

Resources: hardwood trees, farmland
Industries: textile (carpet), farming, forestry (hardwood trees)


Located between the mountains and the coastal plains
Landscape: rolling hills, red clay, farmland in lower area
Resources: granite (largest above ground Granite Mountain in the world – Stone Mountain), kaolin (white stone that is mined) largest population, 1/3 of the state
Industries: Transportation, tourists, farming (lower piedmont)

Blue Ridge

Located in the upper right corner of Ga.

Part of the Appalachian Mts.

Landscape: tallest mountain peak in Georgia: Brass town Ball,
Resources: Marble, apples, gold, commercial forests, receives the most rain (provides the most water to the state. Both the Chatt. and Savannah rivers begin in Blue Ridge)
Industries: Apple, tourists, forestry

Coastal Plains

Located: below the piedmont. Divided into the upper and lower coast plains

Largest region – makes up more than 50% of the state but sparsely populated (few people)

Landscape – varies as you go south. Flat land – best farming in Georgia in upper coastal plains, sandy soil further south. Navigable rivers, Beach and marshland on coast along with barrier islands.
Resources: farmland for crops, Okefenokee Swamp, important seaports
Industries: Farming (peanuts, onions, pine trees, peaches, pecans) Tourists, International shipping (seaports)

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