Tv on The Radio, Ratatat, Kamp! and Low Roar new Kraków Live Festival artists!

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TV On The Radio, Ratatat, Kamp! and Low Roar - new Kraków Live Festival artists!

TV On The Radio are one of the most influential bands, loved by critics, of the last 10 years. Every album of this New York band, starting from their breakthrough debut, receives a very warm welcome and pressures listeners to take a fresh look on apparently cliche genres. TV On The Radio's remarkable discography item is 2008's "Dear Science", now listed as one of the best album of the Noughties. TVOTR's eclectic sound counts David Bowie and Trent Reznor, among others, as its fans. Last year, the band shared their new album "Seeds" and it's with this release that they appear at Kraków Live Festival. 

Another remarkable event will be the first Polish performance by Ratatat, who create almost exclusively instrumental albums, where they experiment with rock, psychedelia and electronica. Just a few days ago, the group announced a new album, so Ratatat's presence in Kraków earns extra importance. "Magnifique" is the first release from the NY duo in over 5 years, and its leading single "Cream On Chrome" premiered at Coachella. According to the announcement, on "Magnifique", Ratatat return to their guitar roots, taking us places reigned by riffs from classic albums from Daft Punk, with whom Ratatat toured.

Kamp! took over a year and a half off. They disappeared from concert halls and media to record a new album. This summer, they also make a live return, and will probably test excerpts from their premiere material with the audience, although their last year's "Baltimore" EP (another New York detail - the Cascine label) is still up to date.

Today's annoucements closes with Icelandic band Low Roar. A few days ago, they finished an American tour along Hozier, this summer, they're planning on to tour European festivals. Formed in Reykjavik by an American, Ryan Karazij, the band has two albums to their credit. The latest one, "0", was released last year. Low Roar's dream pop compositions reflect the vibe of Icelandic music so popular in Poland, although there's so much more to it than pure copying. 

Kraków Live Festival 2015 takes place from August 20 until August 22. August 20 - 21 – Błonia Park, 2 days, 2 tent stages, August 22  - a special events day. More info on Saturday events coming soon.

Tickets at the promotional price - PLN 220 - on sale only until the coming Monday (May 25)! 

Tickets to Kraków Live Festival 2015 on sale now.

Festival tickets:  

PLN 220 until May 25

PLN 250 from May 26 until August 16

PLN 270 from August 17

Day tickets - August 20: PLN 145

Day tickets - August 21: PLN 145

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