Transcript Video Name: Leonardo Dicaprio & Matt Damon-Unscripted part 2

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Video Name: Leonardo Dicaprio & Matt Damon-Unscripted part 2

Leonardo Dicaprio and Matt Damon

3:20-5:12 total take 1 minute and 92 seconds

Leo: You know, it’s weird too cause people always ask me

what you know, this so many unbelievable performances in Marty’s past work

you know Robert De Niro bleh bleh bleh

how does he get this performances out of people it’s strange

because I can’t specifically identify anything he does particularly different than other directors ┐

Matt: └Right

Leo: I just feel like they’re such respect level for him

when people come up say even like minor characters

that everyone is just on there a game┐You know what I’m saying

Matt: └yeah absolutely

Leo: And they know they got com com completely prepare with something to offer that man ┌you know what I mean

Matt: └yeah they don’t want to

Matt:┌nobody want to show up with empty hand

Leo: └ /they gonna do the homework/

Right, that’s right it’s definitely

Leo: yeah that’s true

Matt: alright man

Matt: from Tim in Bismark North Dakota in the film you and Matt

┌are on opposite sides of the same coin.

Leo: └Wow I just said that.

That’s even the same term I used┐

Matt: └Did this affect your relationship off-screen?

well you got little bitchy I was say You are definitely rougher in bed

I was really impressed.

Leo: ┌[giggle]

└I thought you really got uh that you know the neighborhood right

Leo: ┌[giggle]

Matt:└I was like wow (laugh)

and but I ┌then you got little catty you know

Leo: └[giggle]

Matt: Um you know just over coffee

just little thing just little thing you know

that’s the thing┐

Leo: └it’s true

Matt: It you really take your work home with you

Leo: Effective may personally would certainly in our relationship┐

Matt: └Yeah

Leo: Um.. So: what how did that effected?

Tell you the truth we never hung out that much

coz we were working so much

and people asking about you know

did you guys hand out to this girl go out go to a dinner

maybe did it couple times

but you have six call time next day.┐ You know you are um ┌..

Matt: └every day └also (inter)

if one of us is working you know a lot of thing

we were looking for each other

for most we so a lot of time you were working

and that means I’m not.

And I’m I’m off for my family or whatever.

And then next you have all I have to work at next act. ┐

Leo: └It’s almost like two separate films, it really was.

Video name: 'Bride Wars' Unscripted Complete Interview

Annee Hathaway and Kate Hudson

2:15-4:31 total takes 2 minutes and 16 seconds

Anne: What’s the worst display of bridezilla-dom you’ve ever experiences?

you were you had one so ┌I’m gonna

Kate: └I did:

Anne: So the adendum

Kate: I did ┌I wasn’t

Anne: └did you have one of your own? [nod]

Kate: I wasn’t much of a bridezilla

although we have been promoting this movie

I my my friend made me realize

that like oh I was perfect

when I was when I was getting married

just like I: don’t care I was like

you know the floors so I was like whatever you want

and the dress however you want to make it

and then my friend reminded me how I had total break down

when I was doing S and L coz I was shooting S and L

and plAnneing the wedding

and I had this whole break down to my friend while in the rehearsal was like

Chris doesn’t care about anything,

my mother: is driving me: crazy┌ I don’t have sister

Anne: └so basically you right was on in S and L

Kate: Yes, I was have like total panic attack telling that’s my own projection

I was just fear of doing S and L

Kate: If you can be anybody for 2 weeks who would you be?

Dead or alive?

Anne: Dead or live? O:h my: go:d Kate Hudson who would I be?

Kate: That’s a good question

Anne: It’s a good question

because a part of me want to be my mother

um you know just kind of┌know

Kate: └hahaha…

Anne: no im serious because ┌Im

Kate: └that so funny I was like wow this is haha

Anne: no ┌because

Kate: └we are get take that right to therapist office┐

Anne: └no no but Im hahaha

Well she is the person I’m closet to in the world

I like to know the things she is decided to never tell me┐

Kate: └oh~ that’s interesting.

Anne: And I like to know like to know

what she is protected me from in my life

and kind of decisions that she’s made

I think like would be just very cool

But then of course I mean you know

I think.. it would be I think mm

right now the per the person I really love to be

uh it’s kind of like you know obvious I love to be Dalai Lama ┐

Kate: └[Smile]

you know just has someone whose

whose life is about projecting that kind of love,

and wisdom and kind of who who is so good kind of giving

and receiving and kind of has that you know the core value and life

what they search for happiness

I think that would be an amazing things to be able to experiences

that kind of perioty┌and also to know

Kate: └Impermanence ┐

Anne: └Yeah.

And also to know if he is struggles.

I think that would be nice to know like

because the the the┌…

Kate: └if life being struggle? /Guys/ you know we can talk about Buddhism forever haha..┐

Anne: └well I can talk about it with you forever definitely you know

you know you talking I just kind of like…wowm

Video name: Enchanted Unscripted

Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey

2:53-5:00 total takes 2 minutes and 7 seconds

Amy: Did you ever consider other career pursuits

when Hollywood wasn’t giving you many roles?

Patrick: Mmm.. oh yeah I wished I have something to for back on it

I really did. Uh but im glad I did it

because it make me really kind of you know not give up on the dream

and then and and dealing all the rejection of auditioning is the worst process going ┌you know

Amy: └yeah [nod]

Patrick: Uh what do I do the sort of sustain

I thi- you know I worked in Houses did some remodeling

um you know fixes upon and then sell em do things like that gave me something to look at in the end of day

where I found I done something┐

Amy: └Yeah

┌/sense of currencies/

Patrick:└Justify my existences so that was uh very hard you know

I took every audition just, you know I just like there was like 10 years where I auditioned for stuff

and wouldn’t get anything that’s very hard┐

Amy: └yeah I know the feeling

Patrick: oh unscripted

Amy: oh okay┐

Patrick: └oh oh

Amy: I, I’ve been wanting to ask this for a really long time Patrick.┐

Patrick: └oh oh

Amy: Mmhm [nod] it’s true. I want to know who do you think is prettier?

Me.. or.. Jimmy?

Patrick: [laugh..] ┐

Amy: └now be honest

Patrick: Jimmy looks pretty good out the screen right? ┐

Amy: └I know it’s true.

Patrick: the chick bone the jaw line ┌beautiful.

Amy: └ I knew that was gonna be

┌the answer.

Patrick:└that’s okay.

Both quiet and look at each other

Laugh at the same time

Patrick: I can’t believe you ask that what’s next?



Amy: [giggle]

Patrick: Are you a true redhead your hair is ┌gorgeous

Amy: └Tha:nk you:

Patrick: You have beautiful hair.

Amy: um I have I’m strawberry blond is my nature color

so I do have red in there

but um I I definitely haven’t haven’t have enhanced it in the past.

Patrick: And and what what about you know,

you all the dress up stuff premiums you know,

you got the advance how do you feel about it,

I mean it’s it’s a lot of work to get┐

Amy: └It’s it’s fun ┐

Patrick: └Yeah

it’s like dress up┐

Amy: └Yes it’s like dress up.

It’s a lot of fun I mean if I have to do that every day

I would get I would get tired of it

coz I do like to be sort of earthy as well

and and I I can be a bit of a barefoot girl running around

so I I but it’s really fun to sort of the stuff to the role of

I I always love sort of coming with the theme for the event┐

Patrick: └uh-huh

Amy: You know depending on the what dress I’m wearing

there’s always sort of character I think of in my head

and that helps me sort of get through the right carpet stuff

coz that said.. that can be challenging for me

Patrick: Mmhmm true.

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