To: Ms. Rocki Project Chair cns

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To: Ms. Rocki

Project Chair – CNS

ITT-Tech Everett Campus
The Four Horsemen

Jason Maes -Project lead

Matt McCauley- Communication Lead

Mark Sinn- Documentation lead

Josh Reil- Presentation lead
Capstone description:

As we have been students for quite some time, we have noticed that newer students in their first few quarters find themselves very confused by the campus layout, and what their class schedule is. We will implement a central kiosk that will allow students to resolve these issues themselves. Also we have received an ID card that currently has no value at all. We intend to implement the ID card into the system for looking up their information.

Our goal is to implement a PC that will utilize the student ID card and access a MySQL database while supplying you with information on where your classes are and which room it is held in. (Flash on how to get there.)The kiosk will use a scanner that scans the barcode on the back of the card. Add in some sort of map that shows where you are at and list all of the classrooms.

We are going to be utilizing all of our talents from hardware to networking to programming.

Team Introduction:
Please allow us to introduce our team:
Project Lead Jason Maes

Jason is the most centrally located (housed) individual of our team. Jason is currently working as a Tier 2 network technician. He was working construction prior to the beginning of his re-education process at ITT Tech in Everett.

Presentation Lead Josh Reil

Josh has the most media experience in the group. He is well versed in several image, audio, and video editing applications. He has worked in management roles for the last six years.

Documentation Lead Mark Sinn

Mark is an older, grandfatherly type anal-retentive former marine. After the military (electronics technician), Mark moved into the In Flight Entertainment (IFE) industry. Mark travelled around the world fixing things. He then moved into the training department, where he travelled around the world teaching things.

Communications Lead Matthew McCauley

Matt is 26 Years old, and has had a love of computers ever since he discovered them. His first IT related job was as a bench technician at a company located in the Wenatchee Valley (East side of the mountains), Washington. He now works as a Tier 2 helpdesk technician at an Everett based corporation.
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