Theme: describing colors

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Get ready!

  1. Before you read the passage, talk about these questions. 1 What are the primary colors?

  2. What is a complementary color for red?


2 Read the textbook chapter. Then, mark the following statements as true (T) or false (F).

  1. _ Blue is one of the primary colors.

  2. _ Combining two shades creates a pigment.

  3. _ Complementary colors are shown on the colorwheel.


3 Match the words or phrases (1-5) with the definitions (A-E).

  1. – dull

  2. – vibrant

  3. _ complementary color

  4. _ intensity

  5. color wheel

  1. a circular chart that shows different colors

  2. how strong something is

  3. strong or bright

  4. a hue that does not contain the same primary colors as another hue E not strong or bright

4 Read the sentence pairs. Choose which word or phrase best fits each blank.

1 primary colors / secondary colors

  1. Red and yellow are primary color

  2. Green and orange are secondary color

2 shade / hue

  1. The painter mixed two different colors to create a new hue

  2. Add more black to make a darker shade

3 pigment / spectrum

  1. The art student bought a chart that showed the whole of colors.

  2. The artist ran out of the red spectrum so she used violet instead.

5 Listen and read the textbook chapter again. Why is a color wheel useful?


6 Listen to a conversation between two designers. Choose the correct answers.

1 What is the main idea of the conversation?

  1. mixing pigments to create a new shade

  2. deciding on the color scheme for a project

  3. comparing the qualities of different hues

  4. disagreeing about the intensity of a color

2 What color is the book cover?

  1. green

  2. yellow

  3. purple

  4. blue 7 Listen again and complete the conversation.


8 With a partner, act out the roles below based on Task 7. Then, switch roles.


I'm not happy with ...

I think the ... is fine.

So you think I should ... ?

Student A: You are a designer. Talk to Student B about:

Student B: You are a designer. Talk to Student A about colors in his or her project.


9 Use the conversation from Task 8 to complete the project update sheet.

Project Updates

Use this form to record changes to your project.

Job: _________________________________

Color changes: _________________________

Why changes were made: ________________

______________________________________ ______________________________________







1. Make the past simple

  1. Julie wasn't at home. She went to the shops.

  2. We had a lunch 10 minutes ago.

  3. This was the first time she did her homework.

  4. They begun painting the living room.

  5. We heard this secret three years ago.

  6. He drove a motorbike before.

  7. I was sick during the week.

  8. By the time we arrived, the children didn’t eat any of the chocolate.

  9. The books fell off the table and were all over the floor.

  10. The birds flew to the south in the winter.

  11. She came

  12. We didn’t forget about the meeting.

  13. You bougt a lot of clothes yesterday.

  1. She brought a cake to the party, but we didn't eat it.

  2. Did you chose your university?

  3. Did you drink Turkish coffee yesterday?

  1. I gave some money to Julia.

  2. Did you hear of this band 2 years ago?

  3. She knew about this problem.

  4. Why did John left at 8 o’clock?

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