The Warehouse Athletic Facility aau summer’s Edge 2008 Saturday, May 31- sunday, June 1, 2008 High School Girls Division II

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The Warehouse Athletic Facility AAU Summer’s Edge 2008

Saturday, May 31- Sunday, June 1, 2008

High School Girls Division II

Tournament Format: Pool Play for seeding, bracketing and “bye” preference, where applicable. All teams will play 3 pool play games. Teams finishing in 1stor 2nd place in each pool will proceed to a single elimination championship tournament. Teams placing 3rd or 4th in their pool will play a guarantee game. All teams are guaranteed four games.
Pool A Pool B

1. WA Triple Threat- Smith 1. Quick Handle- Shaddle

2. Middleton Vikings- Jones 2. Calgary Selects Elite- Tan

3. Mercer Island- Prescott 3. LaCrosse-Washtucna- Koller

4. Mt. Spokane HS- Kistler 4. Coeur d’ Alene- DeHaas
PLEASE NOTE: All games listed as FH 1, 2, 3 or Jazz 1, 2 will be played at The Warehouse Athletic Facility. All games listed as Gonzaga 1, 2, 3 will be played at Gonzaga University.

Saturday, May 31, 2008- Pool Play

Location Time Teams

Fieldhouse 3 8:00am Middleton (2A) vs. Mt. Spokane HS (4A)

Fieldhouse 2 11:15am Middleton (2A) vs. Mercer Island (3A)

Fieldhouse 3 11:15am WA Triple Threat (1A) vs. Mt. Spokane HS (4A)

Gonzaga 2** 11:15am Calgary Selects (2B) vs. Coeur d’ Alene (4B)

Gonzaga 3** 11:15am Quick Handle (1B) vs. LaCrosse (3B)

Fieldhouse 2 2:30pm Calgary Selects (2B) vs. LaCrosse (3B)

Gonzaga 1** 2:30pm Quick Handle (1B) vs. Coeur d’ Alene (4B)

Gonzaga 1** 3:35pm WA Triple Threat (1A) vs. Middleton (2A)

Gonzaga 2** 3:35pm Mercer Island (3A) vs. Mt. Spokane HS (4A)

Fieldhouse 2 6:50pm LaCrosse (3B) vs. Coeur d’ Alene (4B)

Fieldhouse 3 6:50pm Quick Handle (1B) vs. Calgary Selects (2B)

Gonzaga 2** 6:50pm WA Triple Threat (1A) vs. Mercer Island (3A)
Sunday, June 1, 2008- Tournament Play

Game Location Time Teams

Game 1 8:00am Fieldhouse 3 1st Place Pool A vs. 2nd Place Pool B (loser out)

Game 2 8:00am Fieldhouse 2 1st Place Pool B vs. 2nd Place Pool A (loser out)

Game 3 11:15am Fieldhouse 2 Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Game Location Time Teams

Game A Gonzaga 1** 11:15am 3rd Place Pool A vs. 3rd Place Pool B (both out)

Game B Gonzaga 2** 11:15am 4th Place Pool A vs. 4th Place Pool B (both out)
*** Games played at the Martin Center on Gonzaga University’s campus (north of the baseball field and law school). Gonzaga University is located directly across Hamilton St. from The Warehouse. The Martin Center can be accessed via the footbridge that starts at the Warehouse Athletic Facility South Parking Lot. Entrance to the Martin Center is at the SOUTH side of the building.

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