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Ask to be delegated to: As well as attending particular meetings, there are activities that your manager does regularly that you could ask to gain exposure to. You could work on some of these things together so that you can gain some experience, or perhaps they could be delegated to you completely. Examples include getting involved in budgeting decisions, having input in the overall technology or product roadmap, doing interviews, or simply acting as a sounding board to help with their own decisions. You’ll gain some interesting insight into how their world works.

  • Network with others in your company: Make sure that you don’t cut yourself off; take time to network with your peers, and depending how accessible they are, those that are more senior than you. Why not invite people out for a coffee at lunchtime to get to know more about them and what they do? Conversations can help you learn more about different paths you want to choose in your career. The more that you get to know everyone, the more that people will be willing to offer you that next opportunity.

    In summary

    It’s important to take control of your career and be proactive and entrepreneurial in how you spend your time and energy.

    Over time, the difference between someone who is proactively seeking knowledge, experience and opportunity and someone who isn’t continually widens: those who do not seek may find themselves in the same role feeling unhappy, and those who seek may find themselves with many opportunities and a deep satisfaction for their work and those they work with.

    Own it and challenge yourself. You’ll never know where you’ll end up.
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