The report of visit to Tursunzoda district, Rabot Jamoat Visitors

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The report of visit to Tursunzoda district, Rabot Jamoat

  • Sylvia Francis;

  • Odina Sharifov

  • Mumin Sidikov

  • Zainab Kurbonova

Purpose of visit:
To identify the situation of provided wheelbarrows to flood affected households;

To suggest with the local authorities regarding replacing the provided wheelbarrows with the better qualities or clarify the submitted request of Jamoat.

On the August 17, 2007 the appointed group has visited the Tursunzoda district, Rabot Jamoat. According to arrangement the head of Jamoat has met the group on the road to the Jamoat. The group held an opening meeting in Jamoat office. The group expressed the purpose of their visit to the head of Jamoat Mrs. Munavara Saidova. LiFollowing discussions and suggestion of the head of jamoat group agreed due to avoid the conflict or disagreement between the communities, instead of replacing the distributed wheelbarrows, to provide the rest of already 17 procured wheelbarrows and set of tools to new 17 listed households (refer to attachment) that are affected by flood as well have a difficult living condition. Concerning new wheelbarrows based on the submitted request the head of Jamoat proposed to distribute to the 10 preliminary schools, one secondary school, jamoat office and medical point. Subsequently to discussions the group had a visit to secondary school #85 that has 200 attendances, of Okmazar village. The very old building of school that was built by mud almightily affected by flood held on May 2007. The community themselves with the material support of Hukumat are constructing a new building in other site of school. The old, youth, women, men and children are participating in construction of school. In one side group of women were carrying out the stones with hand, in other side the girl were carrying out the muddy made bricks by hand. As well the old building was not dismantled yet. According to the head of Jamoat and brigadier they have plan instead of old building to construct the medical point. The group had visited three households from this village that was included in the listed 17 households.

The next visit was done to the school #19 of Rabot village. School has 260 attendances. According to the head of Jamoat this school also had been affected by occurred flood. But after observation it seems the main building of school is in a very good condition but only the roof of one isolated building that is the school library was collapsed. The group has not believed that the building was damaged by occurred flood.

But because of limited time the group couldn’t to visit all the 17 listed households. The household visit was undertaken to the few houses from the center of Jamoat that were received the wheelbarrows. From three visited households only in one was chance to see the wheelbarrow. The handle of wheelbarrow was broken it was tied with wire.

The next village that group visited was the Shimkent village. The group visited to one of the beneficiary household. Fortunately all provided tools were used and wheelbarrow was in a working condition.

The preliminary school #94 of the Sherkent village was totally damaged by flood and it is impossible to study there. The school has 360 attendances.

The group agreed in case of provision of wheelbarrows to schools, Jamoat or medical points they will be used only for public measures.

List of people submitted by Jamoat to receive kits

1. Rajabov Rahmatullo

2. Akramov Akhtam

3. Ergashev Akhtam

4. Azizova Shukhrat

5. Yorov Mamatkul

6. Sharipova Mastura

7. Sattorov Khakim

8. Alimardonov Gavhar

9. Murotkuzieva Ruzigul

10. Murodkuzieva Malika

11.Rakhmonov Mahmadi

12.Asrorov Jurabek

13. Khidirov Namoz

14. Buriev Kurbonali

15. Imomaliev Ilkhom

16. Mirzozodaeva Sabohat

17. Kurbonov Abdukodir
List of schools, Jamoat and medical point identified to receive wheelbarrows.


School №85 affected by flood, needs 3 - wheelbarrow.

School # 94 affected by flood, needs 1 - wheelbarrow

School # 19 affected by flood, needs 1 - wheelbarrow

School # 100 For Repair, need 1- wheelbarrow

School # 88 For Repair, need 1- wheelbarrow

School # 31 For Repair, need 1- wheelbarrow

School # 33 For Repair, need 1- wheelbarrow

School # 66 For Repair, need 1- wheelbarrow

School # 112 For Repair, need 1- wheelbarrow

School # 99 For Repair, need 1- wheelbarrow

Jamoat Robot For Repair, need 2- wheelbarrow

Health facility For Repair, need 1- wheelbarrow

School # 85

School # 85

School # 85 School # 85

School # 94

New House after Disaster

Roof strengthened after Disaster Cooking place affected by Disaster
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