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Studies have shown that television and its meteoric rise since the 1950s has had more effect than any other technological development in this century on changing the way many of us live. Used rightly, television can be a wonderful medium to inform, expand and broaden one's life. (1) ____________ It can open up important knowledge about news, events, of different people, of history, the arts and sciences.

Tragically, the typical channels mainly ignore such development. Their programmes are light and amusing. (2)________ They no longer realize, or care, that they may be neglecting to develop important personal abilities. Let's so easy to let ready-made entertainment take over, to just sit back and let someone entertain us.

One study in the US found that more than half of ail elementary school children watched TV while  their evening meal. An even larger percentage watched while doing homework. (3)____

(4)________ Logic and putting ideas together are processes supported by regular reading and by having -;e to think about events. TV, by contrast, usually presents its messages in little, rapid clumps :h little information as to how and why the events took shape.

Heavy television viewing kills the initiative to take an active part in outdoor games, which is essential for a child's development. And, at its worst, television entertainment is filled with false deals, morals, ethics, relationships, role-models and, of course, violence.

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