Talking about job and work

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talking jobs
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Talking about job and work


  • a person who is employed to take care of records, letters, and routine work for another person.
  • an officer of a business corporation or society who is in charge of the letters and records and who keeps minutes of meetings.
  • a government official in charge of a department the secretary of education.


  • A banker is one engaged in the business of receiving other persons money in deposit, to be returned on demand discounting other persons' notes, and issuing his own for circulation. One who performs the business usually transacted by a bank.


  • A pilot is someone who is in the aviation industry, and who is able to operate aircraft in order to transport passengers or goods from one location to another. They are employed by commercial airlines, corporations, or governments.


  • A dancer is someone who dances for fun, as a hobby, or for a job. The dancers at a rock concert often look like they're enjoying the music most of all. You can be a dancer at your cousin's wedding reception, or a dancer in a professional ballet corps.

What's the difference between job and work?


  • Job is a regular activity that you do; an occupation, a profession.
  • You receive money for this activity.Job is a regularNOUN.


  • The word work is more general than job. Work refers to the activities done to accomplish a goal.
  • work can be done both inside an official job and outside a job.. Work can be a VERB and an UNCOUNTABLE NOUN.


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