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Sunriver Oregon – Vacation Central Oregon

Sunriver Oregon is a great place for all ages and interests. In Sunriver there are plenty of thing for everyone to do from walking to golfing to bike riding to reading or sitting on the patio enjoying a glass of Pinot Noir.

Getting to Sunriver, Oregon is easy, you can fly into Redmond Municipal Airport that is just 34 miles from Sunriver. If you are looking for a large airport fly into Portland and it is only just a 180-mile drive or fly your own plane Sunrivers airport.

Sunriver is 3,300 acres of beauty and adventure. Sunriver has a great mix of full time residents and homes that are rented out that make great a vacation spot. As the Chicago Tribune put it, “Sunriver is like a mix of an outdoorsy Disney World, a national park and summer camp.” If you’re looking for a house in Central Oregon, here are a few reasons why you should consider settling down in Sunriver.

Some of the most beautiful scenery in Oregon is around Sunriver. There is an abundance of hiking trails for all skill levels some that will take you by waterfalls and volcanic cropping’s that will take your breath away, go rafting and paddle boarding on the Deschutes River, and drive along a handful of lakes on the famous Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway, snowboard or ski Mt. Bachelor. No matter which direction you go, there are stunning mountain views and areas of wilderness to explore. You don’t have to worry about getting rained out, either. Sunriver is on a high desert plateau, so it gets plenty of sunshine year-round, approximately 300 days of sunshine plus we have some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets around.

Sunriver is very family friendly destination, great for the family with a wide range of interests to think about. What you love may not be what your teenager or toddler loves, and vice versa. That’s why a lot of families are drawn to Sunriver, where there are a variety of activities for every age. For example, you can take your kids to the Oregon Observatory to gaze at stars and planets through a telescope, or go to the Lava Lands Visitors Center to experience what a volcano looks and sounds like, take a bike ride on 33 miles of pave bike paths, take a horse back ride or check out the Sunriver Nature Center. These attractions aren’t just for tourists, either. Your kids can get involved in long-term activities like the Junior Naturalist Program at the Sunriver Nature Center, where they can conduct a biological field project and create a scientific poster with their findings. For something more artistic, you can paint pottery, make a stuffed bear or learn how to fuse glass at The Outpost Art Studio. Even the Sunriver Library has a busy calendar of events, from an interactive Storytime for toddlers to a LEGO block party for all ages. With so much to do, it’s hard for families to get bored in Sunriver.

Despite being a sunny desert, Sunriver gets a thick layer of snow in winter. This combination of sun and snow means the town turns into a winter wonderland every year. You can go sledding at Wanoga Sno-Park, snow-shoe with Wanderlust Tours to a glowing bonfire in the evening, or snuggle up with hot cocoa and blankets in a
horse-drawn sleigh. One of the largest ski areas, Mt.Bachelor, is a short drive away, or you can just stay in town and build a snowman or go ice skating.

There’s an explosion of activities during the holidays, right now a celebration called Traditions is underway. You can visit a holiday market, attend a grand lighting ceremony, have brunch with Santa, and watch holiday movies on a big screen. Sunriver knows how to take away the winter blues with holiday merriment and snowy adventures.

Sunriver has a variety of places to stay from vacation homes and condos to a single room at the resort. If you look online, you can find quite a few businesses or individuals that rent their properties. Better yet find the perfect Sunriver vacation home to purchase and make Sunriver your family vacation spot to come back to year after year!

Check out homes for sale in Sunriver to find the right home to meet your family’s needs.

If you would like more information about Sunriver and the surrounding area give Keith Petersen a call 541-815-0906. Keith is one of the top agents in Sunriver and the surrounding area….

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