Small Grand Project Inauguration Ceremony in Qala Dasht village of Injil District. 01 July 2012

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Small Grand Project Inauguration Ceremony in Qala Dasht village of Injil District.

01 July 2012

On 01 July 2012 a splendid ceremony in regards of putting (corner stone) of SGP in Qala Dasht village of Injil District has been conducted. Head of PPC, DRRD, PJST, APRP Regional Team, Inil DM, Head of DDA, Herat local TV and PG representative, community leaders, influential tribal elders and Sofi Tamim commander of reconciled group participated to the event. Initially head of PPC give speech in regards to APRP objective and its support to rentegrees and community development; he encouraged community and requested them to be supportive of APRP. Then the ceremony was opened by butting down the first stone via head of PPC in to bridge foundation. The people of respected villages were very happy and committed to support APRP objectives particularly development project bridge construction on Injil stream which will connect four villages to gather.c:\users\nazifullah\desktop\010720121514.jpg

c:\users\nazifullah\desktop\010720121511.jpg c:\users\nazifullah\desktop\010720121512.jpg c:\users\nazifullah\desktop\010720121506.jpg

Sofi Tamim was reconciled to APRP along with his 10 armed men on 28 August 2011. The commander Tamim along with agreement of community and DDA prioritized their SGP (Bridge Construction) on Injil stream. The project started on 21 May 2012 and around 20% completed, the project fund is 27500$ with 10% local community contribution. Sofi Tamims’ men along with community are the direct beneficiaries of this project; Sofit Tamim hired as project supervisor by CDC and his 8 men work as labor, each of them gain 350 Afs per day, they are very happy and proud of working and as earning their families without any problems and fears and far from guns.

c:\users\nazifullah\desktop\010720121529.jpg c:\users\nazifullah\desktop\010720121530.jpg c:\users\nazifullah\desktop\010720121531.jpg

During the mission UNDP/APRP PI Associate conducted Media coverage from the ongoing project, some interviews were done with head of DDA and Sofi Tamim Commander, in which they answered the questions and showed their satisfaction from APRP support. Head of DDA appreciated and respected Sofi Tamims’ reconciliation to APRP and considered the SGP project (bridge construction) on Injil Stream very important, he added that this bridge will solve the transportation challenges of 4 villages Baland Mogholan, Gardab, Kababian and Qala Dasht villages will be the beneficiaries of this project. He said that this project, as today we are wetness, is the result of Sofi Tamim inattentive and his efforts. At the end he passed a message to those commanders who are still armed and active against Government of Afghanistan to don’t miss the opportunity ASAP joining APRP and support their people. Sofi Tamim also was very happy and passed his good messages to community and those who are still armed to put down their weapons and engage with their families and community, he said fighting is not the political solution way in Afghanistan so the best way is to be civilian, stopping violence and starting a new life along with families and communities.

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Conclusion: the project is going on very well and is contributing to transportation of 4 villages and development of the respective villages. Community were satisfied of project implementation and its impact in the near future, the delegation comprised of PJST, DDA and line department and UNDP/APRP team technically considered implementation of project very well. In addition Media coverage was done, some interview were conducted with heads PPC, DDA and Sofi Tamim Commander of reconciled group, the entire program was recorded and will be broadcasted through Herat National TV.


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