State and Federal Special Programs

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Special Programs

Shannon Thompson, Director of Teaching & Learning……………..………874-7051

Norma West, Grant Specialist/Coordinator…………. 874-7060

Heidi Dusek, Office Assistant …………………………. 874-7062

Aubrey Esteron, Office Assistant………………….. 874-7061

Christie Christman, New Teacher Instructional Specialist,

Pro Cert Program, ELL............................................. 874-7057

Maureen Dawson, Teacher, Quest Program 443-3099

Trina Routh, Office Assistant/Paraeducator, Quest 443-3099

Linda Hess, Paraeducator, ELL 443-3170

Lori Jones, Paraeducator, ELL 443-3170

Gail Christopherson, Paraeducator, ELL............................................................ 443-3170

Valerie Kimball, Paraeducator, Indian Ed Home-School Liaison 443-3530

Title I
Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act provides Federal financial assistance to local school districts for programs to meet the needs of students who are below grade level, or who are at greatest risk of failing to meet our state’s academic standards. Supplemental instruction is provided in Reading/Language Arts and/or Mathematics. Students who are in the greatest need must be served first. Title I staff and a building team develops a plan for the use of Title I funds. The committee includes but is not limited to parents of participants, teachers, principals, administrators and school directors. The plans include student identification criteria; planned services and activities, a plan for annual evaluations based on evidence of the instructional program meeting the goals and objective of the plan, and the state’s high standards of participating students; plans for parental involvement and data collection procedures are also required in the plan.
The South Kitsap School District’s Title I Program uses a balanced approach to teach reading, with a strong emphasis on phonological awareness, phonics, word structure, vocabulary, and comprehension and fluency strategies. Math is taught using diagnostic and prescriptive instruction, with many manipulatives. Title I allocations are determined by the County’s Federal Census and free and reduced lunch counts. The program is a poverty-driven model. Schools that are above 39.51% free and reduced lunch count may qualify for Title I dollars. Four elementary schools qualify for Title I funds. East Port Orchard, Sidney Glen, Burley Glenwood, and Orchard Heights Elementary Schools qualify as Title I School-wide programs. To have a Title I School-wide Program, a building must have a minimum of 40% free and reduced lunch count. As a school-wide program all students in the school are eligible for Title I services.


% Free/Reduced Lunch Count

Title I/LAP Buildings

East Port Orchard Elementary - TITLE


Sidney Glen Elementary - TITLE


Orchard Heights Elementary–TITLE & LAP


Burley Glenwood – TITLE & LAP


Marcus Whitman Junior High – LAP


Cedar Heights Junior High – LAP


Manchester Elementary - LAP


South Kitsap High - LAP


Buildings/Programs not receiving Title I/LAP Services



Olalla Elementary


Sunnyslope Elementary


Hidden Creek Elementary


John Sedgwick Jr High


Mullenix Ridge


South Colby


Explorer Academy


District Average


Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

The Learning Assistance Program is a state funded program designed to enhance educational opportunities for public school students who are at risk of not meeting the state’s academic standards. The program is similar in requirements and services to Title I. Students are served in reading, language arts, and mathematics. The program must serve students with the greatest academic need in basic skills identified by the statewide assessments (WASL – Levels 1 & 2). Each LAP student is required to have a Student Accelerated Learning Plan.

The formula for determining the District allocation is based on poverty factors. There are seven (7) schools that qualify for LAP in the South Kitsap School District: South Kitsap High School, Burley-Glenwood Elementary, Cedar Heights Junior High, Marcus Whitman Junior High School, Orchard Heights Elementary, Sidney Glen Elementary and Manchester Elementary.
State Transitional Bilingual Instructional Program (ELL)

Students for whom English is not their primary language receive assistance learning English through this state-funded program. South Kitsap serves approximately 78 English Language Learners (ELL) who speak 18 different languages.

Indian Education Program

The federally funded SKSD program serves Native American students from approximately 68 different tribes. The district provides a home-school liaison paraprofessional who assists students and families. Our cultural summer school program teaches native crafts and cultures.

Quest—Highly Capable Program

South Kitsap School District’s Highly Capable Program provides a one-day-a-week pullout program for 100 students in grades three through six. Students are bussed to Hidden Creek, where they spend the day receiving instruction in creative problem solving, critical thinking skills, computer technology, research skills, writing, and much more. The junior high program serves approximately 75 students in the District’s three (3) junior high schools. Grade levels include 7 – 9 and students receive academic credit in Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies. Students are instructed in research skills, creative problem solving, critical thinking and skills, writing. Advanced placement classes, Running Start, and college with in the high school (University of Washington) are provided to 108 high school students.

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