St Charles Curriculum Information Year 1 Autumn 2 2015

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St Charles Curriculum Information - Year 1 Autumn 2 2015


We will continue to reinforce The Sunshine Writing Club rules and practise composing and writing sentences with correct punctuation. We will be sharing stories with patterned language and reading poetry based on the senses. We will continue to practise handwriting and letter formation.
Theme:- All about Me. Within this theme we will cover the following areas.


We will continue to practise counting skills and number recognition to 100. We will be looking at patterns, fractions and comparing volume and capacity. We will solve problems involving money. We will learn to sequence days, weeks and months and measure the time taken to complete tasks.

Science: Humans

We will be looking at ourselves in science this half term. We will identify and name parts of the body and look at the purpose of different body parts. We will learn about our senses and the body parts associated with each sense. We will also be learning about how to keep healthy.

Diary Dates:

9 November 1.30 (Infants) 2.20 (Juniors) ‘The Power of One’ – anti-bullying show

10 November 6pm Church – “Children of East Lancashire Sing”

12 November – Parents’ Evening 4 – 7.30pm

13 November – Non uniform Day – for chocolate

14 November – Family Mass 5.45pm

16 November – Anti bullying week

18 November – Open Afternoon including prospective parents

30 November – Enterprise Week

1 December 6.30pm Joint Advent service with other Rishton schools

4 December 2.30pm – Mass and Enterprise Awards in Church

4 December 6.30pm Rishton Lights switch on

5 December 11am – 1pm – Christmas Fair with Carols

10 December 2pm and 6.30pm – Infant Production for parents

12 December – Family Mass 5.45pm

14 December – PTFA Discos: 6.00pm (Infants) 7.15pm (Juniors)

15 December 2pm – Carol Service in school

16 December – Christmas Lunch

17 December 9.15am – Whole School Mass then class parties in the afternoon

18 December – School Closes. Children may be collected at 2pm.

Religious Education

This half term we will learn about Baptism, the key parts that are involved and how we show we care for one another. We will then start to think about Mary, the mother of Jesus and move on to the Nativity and her important role.


PE will be Wednesdays and Fridays this half term. We will be outdoors (weather permitting) doing Health and fitness training and learning dances indoors.

Please ensure children have their kit and are not wearing earrings.


Children in Year 1 are asked to read their book at home every day if possible. Once they have read the book by themselves 3 times they are encouraged to bring it in and change it.

All the children will be taking part in the PRIDE project which combines learning and games in school and at home. Each week there will be 2 homework activities to be completed with their PRIDE partner. This will take place on Wednesdays so we ask children to bring in their folders at the beginning of the week ready for the new activity sheets.


We will be studying portraits. We will look at the work of famous artists using a range of media and techniques to sketch ourselves in different ways before painting a self-portrait, using mirrors to copy our faces.


We will be continuing to practise matching letters to sounds and identifying capital letters. We will be learning alternative ways of writing some sounds such as oa, oe, o-e.


We will use a range of fruits and vegetables to make healthy snacks. We will cut, peel, grate and chop a range of ingredients, working safely and hygienically. We will also learn about the need for a variety of foods in a diet.


We are putting on a Nativity Production before Christmas so we will be learning to perform songs and dances in the show. We will also be practising popular Christmas songs for the carol concert.

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