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Saturday 9 JULY 2016

The Springdallah Goldfield tour, capped at 24 attendees, will be guided by Joan Hunt, who will provide the commentary. The tour will start at Federation University, SMB Campus, Lydiard Street, Ballarat at 9.30am on Saturday, 9 July, 2016, and conclude at 12 noon.

The bus will travel along the Hamilton Highway, through Smythes Creek and Scarsdale to Golden Lake Road, the starting point of the Springdallah deep lead goldfield communities exploration. The sites of deep lead gold mining townships of Golden Lake, Piggoreet (and the Devil’s Kitchen), Derwent Jacks and Grand Trunk will be viewed. Mine, school, and hotel sites, and other features of the now disappeared goldfield will be identified, including the Springdallah Creek diggings and Piggoreet West pastoral homestead. A toilet break and light refreshments will be provided at Happy Valley school. After viewing Old Lucky Woman’s, the township of Linton will be the point of departure on the return to Ballarat.

GOLD BALLARAT BUS, driver: Ian Getom of Piggoreet.
9.30 a.m. Depart from Federation University, SMB Campus, Lydiard Street, Ballarat

Drive to Hamilton Highway, Sebastopol

Travel south along Hamilton Highway, through Smythes Creek, Smythesdale, Scarsdale to Golden Lake Road.

10.00a.m. Drive along Golden Lake Road to the township (Stop 5 minutes).

Drive to the Happy Valley Road intersection.

Turn left to Piggoreet township (Stop 5 minutes) and Devil’s Kitchen. (Stop 5 minutes).

Travel along the back road to Derwent Jacks.

10.25a.m. Arrive at Derwent Jacks intersection (Stop 5 minutes)

Turn north and drive past Thomas Ulick Burke memorial.

Turn left into Piggoreet Road and drive past Piggoreet West homestead gate.

Drive along the main road of Piggoreet township and towards Happy Valley.

Stop at several points: Cleft in the Rock; Garveys; PO; RC church; main township.

(Stop 5 minutes at Lucky Mine)

10.45a.m. Arrive at Happy Valley School site for toilet stop and refreshment break.
Break from 10.45am till 11.00a.m. (Tea, coffee, water, sweet or dry biscuit)
11.00a.m. (Stop 5 minutes at bridge)

Turn left into Dreamer’s Hill road and drive to Old Lucky Woman’s (Stop 5 minutes)

Turn right and drive to Linton township. (Stop 5 minutes at toilets)

Travel from Linton along the Glenelg Highway to return to the starting point.

12.00noon Arrive back in Ballarat.

Joan E. Hunt FRHSV, Churchill Fellow

Mobile:  0418 428 782

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