South Bay Energy Fair & Solar Homes Tour Frequently asked questions

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South Bay Energy Fair & Solar Homes Tour
Frequently asked questions:

1. Where and when do the Energy Fair and Solar Homes Tour take place?

The South Bay Energy Fair will take place on the grounds of Pacific Unitarian Church (, located at 5621 Montemalaga Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275. The Energy Fair is a secular event intended to educate and empower the public. The Fair will take place on May 5th 2007, from 9 am to 3 pm. The Solar Homes Tour will take place on June 16th 2007, at various private homes and businesses in the South Bay area.

2. How much does admission cost?

Admission is free for both the Energy Fair and the Solar Homes Tour (donations are gratefully accepted). To attend the Solar Homes Tour, please contact us, or sign up at the Energy Fair.

3. Who are the organizers of the Energy Fair and Solar Homes Tour?

Both events are organized by Environmental Priorities Network, a non-profit organization supported entirely by its members' volunteer talent, hard work, and generous donations. The Solar Homes Tour is co-organized by the local chapter of the American Solar Energy Society.

4. I'd like to exhibit at the Energy Fair. How can I apply?

The exhibitor fee is $15 for businesses, and free for non-profit and governmental groups. We keep the exhibitor fee low in order to emphasize the non-profit, educational nature of this event. If your company or non-profit group offers concrete information, methods, or products that help individuals and businesses to save fuel, energy, and money, please contact us at We are especially seeking exhibits of energy-saving home appliances and home retrofits (insulation contractors, HVAC contractors, energy-efficient appliance retailers, super-insulating window installers, etc.)

5. I am a solar home owner, and I might be interested in exhibiting my home in the Solar Homes Tour. What would this involve?

Fantastic! First of all, the people who would be touring your home would have to sign up beforehand (we won't allow people to just stroll in off the street). Also, you don't have to allow people inside your house - you can exhibit the exterior features of your home (the solar panels, inverter, meter, collectors, thermal reservoirs, drought-tolerant landscaping, etc.). For your contribution to solar advocacy, you will receive a one year subscription to Solar Today magazine, the publication of the American Solar Energy Society.

6. Will there be food at the Energy Fair?

Yes, there will be at least one food/drink vendor at the Energy Fair. You can, of course, also bring your own food (but no alcoholic beverages, sorry!).

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