Some people think that it is the responsibility of governments to take care of the environment, while others believe that it is the responsibility of the citizens

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Environment. essay

Some people think that it is the responsibility of governments to take care of the environment, while others believe that it is the responsibility of the citizens.

It is believed that environment should be protected by governments, while some think that individuals are responsible for this duty. In my opinion, both governments and citizens must share the responsibility as it requires much more efforts.

To begin with, governments have a good potential to protect the environment. In other words, they can gather information on a national scale to see the whole picture and take effective steps to deal with the problems linked to the environment. Only they can impose laws and enforce strict regulations on the people who don’t obey the laws. Moreover, the government has the financial means to tackle nationwide pollution and other environmental problems. Admittedly, people cannot afford to invest on environmental projects which demand a good amount of charge to be done.
On the other hand, there may be some situations in which government cannot oversee or take under the control the actions of all individuals. Since there are some disobedient citizens who act contrary to the laws. Due to this, people themselves also should feel responsibility as the environment is the necessity of all human beings. Even with laws to protect the environment, humans must cooperate. This is because preserving the nature is not easy job to be done by few people. Only after they buy products that do not harm the environment then will the steps start to work out.
In conclusion, since every human beings reside and use the resources of it, it is the duty of both governments and people to protect nature they are living in.
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