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ShoreFun Recreation Soccer is a local Outreach program for Soccer! The WLB Sports Association, in cooperation Oceanport and Monmouth Beach and Shore Regional High School, is providing a TOPSoccer program following guidelines from the New Jersey Youth Soccer and National US Youth Soccer program recommendations.

Players: Opportunity for youth ages 5 and up to participate in an outreach soccer program. Players in West Long Branch, Oceanport, Monmouth Beach and Sea Bright, and other neighboring towns, are welcome!

“Our TopSoccer Program centers around an inclusive environment where all children regardless of physical and cognitive abilities can enjoy the game of soccer, improve communication skills, make new friends and have fun!” Coach John Schlenker of US Youth TopSoccer.

For more information:

When: Thursday nights, 6-7:30 pm at Frank Antonides School, 135 Locust Avenue, West Long Branch. Fall Session runs Oct 1-Nov 19.

Coaching: The players are divided by age and ability level. The younger players work on large sensory motor skills related to soccer skill development. The more involved players work closely with 1:1 buddies under supervision of coaches on simple soccer skills and modified activities. The older and higher level players work on more complex skills and scrimmage games.

Support: This is a volunteer run program and is, as mentioned, funded by various community sponsors. A $20 fee per player is collected for insurance and shirts.

If interested, please email your player’s name, age, grade and address to

We will email back registration information.

Registration for the Fall 2015 season will begin in September 2015.

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