Sharpsville area high school

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SHARPSVILLE AREA HIGH SCHOOL ________________________________


Athletic Director: Rhonda Baker Principal: Kirk Scurpa

Telephone: (724) 962-7861 Nickname: Blue Devils

Fax: (724) 962-7730

Colors: Blue & White

FROM ERIE: 79 South to 80 West

FROM PITTSBURGH: 79 North to 80 West


FROM NEW CASTLE: Route 18 North

Location: Sharpsville Area High School - Go west on I-80 to exit 1-N (Sharon-Hermitage). Travel North on Route 18 to the tenth traffic light (Donofrio’s). Turn left (Route 518) if coming from the south. Turn right (Route 518) if coming from the north. Go west until you come to a traffic light (Mercer Avenue and Walnut Street). Turn left and go to the second street on the right (Wakefield Drive) turn right and this will take you to Sharpsville High School.

Events: Volleyball, Basketball, and Wrestling
To Football Field/Softball Field – same as above until you come to a traffic light (Mercer Avenue and Walnut Street). At that time go straight a short distance (50 yards). Turn left at this street (Oak Street). Go up this hill turn left at the “T” and this road will lead you to both fields (parking available at the High School and adjacent Elementary School)

Events: Football/Girls Softball

To Baseball Field/Track Field and Soccer Field – same as Football field until you come to a traffic light (Mercer & Walnut Streets). Go straight after light through two stop signs. Go across bridge and turn right onto Tamarack Dr. and go up hill. Go to stop sign and continue straight approximately one quarter mile. The fields are on left by the South Pymatuning Elementary School.

Events: Baseball, Track and Soccer

To Middle School - Use same directions as for the High


Events: 7th and 8th Grade Basketball


To Golf Course: Sharpsville uses the Shenango Lakes Golf Course off of Route 18.

Events: Golf
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