Seven dedicated bike routes” Route-by-Route Descriptions

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Seven dedicated bike routes”

Route-by-Route Descriptions:

The following descriptions highlight the most popular landmarks, facilities and activities along each of Cape Coral’s seven interconnected bike routes. The largest route is the 49-mile perimeter route which combines the CCCC and PPC routes. Click on the links provided for additional information, GPS maps and directions to easily accessible attractions near the bike paths.

  1. Chamber of Commerce of Cape Coral (CCCC) Route:

Length: Clockwise 17.0 Miles; Counter-Clockwise 17.9 Miles

Bike lanes, shared roadways and a few short sidewalks sections.
The Chamber of Commerce of Cape Coral (CCCC) Route in the southern section of the City runs from Veteran’s Memorial Pkwy. and Surfside Blvd. around the southern perimeter and back north to Veteran’s Memorial Pkwy at Country Club Blvd. Along this route you will discover:

  • Cape Harbour, a waterfront development offering public facilities including restrooms, a marina, ice cream/coffee shop, restaurants and stores.

Look for signs along the route directing you to:

  • Camelot Park just a short distance off the route on SW 16th Place.

  • Tarpon Point Marina, a waterfront development, with shops, restrooms and a marina off Rose Garden Rd.

  • Rotary Park, at Rose Garden Rd and El Dorado Parkway West, features a wooden tower overlooking the mangroves and waterways. Enjoy the butterfly house, picnic area, playground and outdoor exercise stations.

  • Jason Verdow Memorial Park, at Academy Blvd. and SE 26th Street, has an athletic field, picnic area, playground and restroom facilities.

This route connects to the following routes:

  • Veterans Route

  • PPC Route

  • CCCF Route

  • Team A

  • Yacht Club Spur

  1. Physician’s Primary Care (PPC) Route:

Length:_Clockwise 30.2 Miles; Counter-Clockwise 30.4 Miles

Bike lanes, share roadways, multi-use pathways and a short section of sidewalks.
The Physician’s Primary Care (PPC) Route is the northern section of the 49-mile circular route around the perimeter of the City. While you can begin the route anywhere along it, good places to start are either at Veterans’ Memorial Pkwy. and Country Club Blvd. or Veteran’s Memorial Pkwy. and Surfside. Either a short distance from the route or on the route is:

  • Cultural Park featuring Cultural Park Theater, Cape Coral Historical Society and the Cape Coral Art League. Pine Island Road is a busy road so take care along the shoulder before proceeding north on Andalusia Blvd. The route varies slightly depending on whether you are going clockwise or counterclockwise on this portion of the route. Route signage will guide you or refer to the Bike Maps tab for detailed instructions.

  • Del Prado Linear Park, at Pine Island Rd. and Del Prado Blvd. N., offers outdoor fitness equipment. This area of the city is less developed so be sure to bring plenty of water. The route passes the Yucca Pens Unit State Wildlife Management area on Wilmington Pkwy.

  • Seahawk Park, where enthusiasts fly miniature airplanes, is just off of Wilmington Pkwy. Take NW 9th Place to NW 10th Avenue.

  • The city-owned Coral Oaks Golf Course is just off of the route on Van Buren. Public restrooms and refreshments available.

  • Sirenia Vista Park, at Old Burnt Store Road and Ceitus Pkwy., offers a kayak launch and fishing. Picnic area and restrooms are open sporadically.

  • Joe Stonis Park, on Ceitus Pkwy., has tennis courts, outdoor exercise equipment, horseshoe pits, picnic areas and restroom facilities. Refreshments available at the shopping mall on the northeast corner of SW Pine Island Road and Veteran’s Pkwy. From Pine Island Rd. S., the PPC Route is an off-street multi-use pathway to Surfside, where the route connects with the CCCC Route, and either the northern or southern section of the Vet Route. The CCCF Route runs northeast diagonally from the intersection of Surfside & Veteran’s Memorial Pkwy. Refreshments available at the shopping center on the NW corner of Veteran’s Memorial Pkwy. and Surfside.

  1. Veteran’s Memorial Pathway (Vet) Route:

Length: 7.5 miles north side, 8.4 miles south side

Primarily off street multi-use pathways interspersed with bike lanes, shared roadways and a few sidewalks.
The Veteran’s Memorial Pathway (Vet) Route crosses the center of the City with multi-use off-street pathways on the northern and southern sides of Veteran’s Memorial Pkwy.

  • Horton Park & Boat Ramp is located on the eastern end of the southern pathway near the Caloosahatchee River. Restroom facilities available.

  • Four Mile Cove Ecological Park, at the eastern end on the northern side of the road, has a boardwalk and trails through the mangroves, seasonal kayak rentals and a Veterans’ Memorial. The memorial includes one of the original replicas of the Iwo Jima Statue.

  • Riding west the route passes shopping centers and restaurants ending at Surfside Blvd. See Bike Maps tab for interconnecting routes or follow the route signage.

At Surfside & Veteran’s Memorial Pkwy., a number of route options are available. The CCCF Route runs diagonally across the city from Surfside at Veteran’s up to NE Pine Island Road at Cultural Park Blvd. (7.8 to 8 miles long depending on direction). You can also go south onto the CCCC Route or northwest onto the PPC Route.

  1. Cape Coral Community Foundation (CCCF) Route:

Length: 6.8 miles

Shared roadways and a few sidewalks
The Cape Coral Community Foundation (CCCF) Route runs diagonally on the southern end from the corner of Surfside Blvd. at Veteran’s Pkwy. northeast to NE Pine Island Rd. at Cultural Park Blvd. Refreshments available at the shopping center on the NW corner of Surfside Blvd. and Veteran’s Memorial Pkwy. SW Fourth Street is a less congested shared roadway that is one block south of Pine Island Rd.

  • Lake Kennedy Community Park, located on Santa Barbara Blvd. at Mid Cape Terr., is home to the Kiwanis YMCA.

  • Sun Splash Family Waterpark, a seasonal 12-acre aquatic attraction, is located nearby.

  • The cyclist may continue on to the PPC route.

  • See the Bike Map tab for other route options or simply follow the route signage.

  1. Cape Coral Construction Industry (CCCIA) Route:

Length: 8.5 miles eastbound or 8.7 miles westbound.

Shared roadways and a few sidewalks
The Cape Coral Construction Industry (CCCIA) Route, in the northern section of the city, follows Diplomat Pkwy. It connects with the PPC route on the east and west side, or continues on to U.S. 41

  • Coral Oaks Golf Course, a city-owned facility, is just west of this route.

  1. Team Aubuchon (Team A) Route:

Length: 4 miles

Bike lanes and a short pathway by the schools.
The Team Aubuchon (Team A) Route is adjacent to the CCCC Route. When combined with the SW corner of the CCCC Route it provides a short easy to travel circular route. It goes between Gleason Pkwy. and Surfside Blvd. on the northern section of the route to El Dorado Pkwy. and Agualinda Blvd. on the south.

  1. Yacht Club (Yacht) Spur:

Length: 2.8 miles

Bike lanes and a few sidewalks
The Yacht Club (Yacht) Spur, in the Southeast Cape just off of the CCCC Route, leads to the beautiful Yacht Club area on the Caloosahatchee River.

  • The Yacht Club is city owned and has a sun-bathing beach, fishing pier, boat ramp, tennis courts, pool, yacht basin, restaurant, restrooms and more.

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