Seminar 1 Comparative typology as a branch of General Linguistics

True Exercise #2. Complete the table according to their classification of linguistic typology

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Seminar 1 typology
6-Amaliy, 2-amaliy, 8 b, 1.Fiziologiyaga kirish. Qo\'zg\'aluvchanlik fiziologiyasi., Hayitmurodov Sunnat Mta5-docx.docx, Sunnat bek, Oʻsmirlarning o’z shaxsiyatini tasdiqlash vositalarini tanlashdagi gender farqlari., 3-sinf, tools-pictionary half-page, Matematika-darslarida-«Aqliy-hujum»-metodidan-foydalanish, Uchta-notogri-bitta-togri-metodi, Dars-tahlili yozish uchun, MANBASHUNOSLIK KURS ISHI NURALIBEK, Bozarov Tarix falsafasi ppt

Exercise #2. Complete the table according to their classification of linguistic typology.

According to 2 plans of language

According to subject of comparison

According to levels of language hierarchy

Formal typology

Substantial comparison

Phonetic features

Semantic typology

Non-substantial comparison




Exercise #3. Read the statements below and match them with the appropriate answers.

Typology does not deal with a limited number of languages. If it does, then it should be called “characterology” or “comparative description.

Material similarity means similarities of words that are similar in meaning and morphemes in compared languages.

In the last seven or eight years, the “Port Royal Grammar” has been discussed more often in the English speaking world than at any other time since its publication more than three hundred years ago. Kretzmann

Typology consists of structural, comparative and genetic typology. The task of structural typology consists of language universals, typological classification of the languages, typological theory and work out methods to create ethalon language. Uspenskiy

It would be wrong to identify comparative researches of two languages with typology.

Buranov, Uspenskiy, Guhman, Maslow, Kretzmann

Activities for self-improvement

Exercise #1. Read and fill the gaps with the given words below.

Languages, typological, nation, were, romantics, formed

The problem of the type language was firstly discussed by nation …..…, the representators of romanticism which was formed …….. at the end of XVIII and in the beginning of XIX century. Romantics considered that “the spirit of the Languages,…….” may be displayed in myth in art, literature and in the language. V.Gumbold began to examine the types of the romantics..…….. as a display of “the spirit of the nation”. The division of the languages to flaxsive and affix by the German linguist Fridrih Shlegel was the first attempt to create atypological classification of the language. From the history of linguistic studies, such , typological …….…. classification of languages offered by August William, V.Gumbold, A.Shleyher, G.Steyntal, F.Misteli and other linguists were formed Now topologists are trying to find the ways of creating amore informative classification of the languages like periodical systems of Mendeleyev.
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