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South Prairie’s 2015-16 school report card is available for viewing on the school website. Please ask Mrs. Thenell if you have any questions.


Each spring, 3rd graders at South Prairie School and across the state participate in SBAC assessments to monitor their progress toward goals. We encourage full participation, but opt out information is available on our school website.

January Dates:

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1/3 School resumes!

1/9 Family STEM Night @ 6:00 pm (S.P. Gym)

1/9 School Board Mtg. @ 5:30 pm (Dist. Office)

1/13 Broderick Field trip to Pioneer Museum

1/16 NO SCHOOL-Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

1/17 PTC Mtg. @ 3:30 pm (South Prairie)

1/19 Harrington Field trip to Pioneer Museum

1/19 Oregon Coast Aquarium Assembly

1/20 Christopherson Field trip to Pio. Museum

1/20 Family Bingo Night @ 6:00 pm

1/24 Beck Field trip to Pioneer Museum

1/26 Bucknam Field trip to Pioneer Museum

1/30 Recognition Assembly @ 2:00 pm

1/30 Site Council Mtg. @ 3:05 pm

Tillamook School District is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

3rd Grade Multiplication

We are still working hard on our students’ multiplication skills. Remember that the #1 goal for 3rd graders this year is to master these facts before going into 4th grade. You can help your child be successful by playing math games, completing math homework, and allowing access to at home.


Having your child at school on time each day is important. Tillamook School District has an attendance policy that is strictly enforced. Excessive absence is defined as being gone more than four days (unexcused) in a four week period and more than eight half days (unexcused) in a four week period. Patterns of absence or more than five excused absences in a three month period are also violations of the policy.

Establishing regular attendance early in a child’s school career is vital. Missing academic instruction can cause students to get behind, feel frustrated, or begin a pattern of resistance to going to school. It can also create social problems if students do not stay connected to one another.

As always, we understand that kids get sick or unexpected events come up. If those things occur, please contact the school office so that proper arrangements can be made.

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