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MAIN PAGE We like the overall look of the webpage. The layout is very user friendly and compliments the amenities. We would like revolving photos of the golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool, clubhouse, deck, and events. Below is an outline of what we would like our main links to be.

ABOUT US (Photo of Club House) (Link) (Please refer to “Main Page” Printout)
Scotts Bluff Country Club was established in _ _ _ _ and was originally located in Gering, Nebraska, by the Scottsbluff National Monument. In _ _ _ _ it was relocated north of Scottsbluff. Since then, traditions have helped weave a rich tapestry into the daily life of this incomparable community. We are renowned for our breathtaking views of the Scottsbluff Monument. Our Frank Hummel-designed championship golf course is set among mature trees, a few lakes, sand bunkers, and an upscale development. Four different tee box settings provide distances that range from 5,600 yards to 6,900 yards to provide a suitable challenge and enjoyable round of golf for golfers of all abilities.
At the center of this spectacular setting is the private clubhouse.  We offer formal and informal dining, private banquets, complete wedding celebrations, and business facilities, as well as a year long calendar of family and social events. Click here to view our current events calendar.

MEMBERSHIP (Photo to be determined) (Link)
Scotts Bluff Country Club provides a variety of membership opportunities. It is a great place to meet successful professionals and business people from the community. SBCC is a family oriented club dedicated to delivering an exceptional member experience throughout the sports of golf and tennis, as well as the social aspects associated with today’s modern country club. Besides golf and tennis, other SBCC amenities include our swimming pool and baby pool facilities.
Full Privilege (Photo to be determined) (Link)

A Full Privilege Membership grants access to all facilities including the clubhouse, golf course, swimming pool, tennis courts, and racquetball court. A Full Privilege Membership provides full privileges for immediate family. Immediate family includes a member’s spouse and unmarried children of either spouse under the age of 23 living at home, attending school full-time, or serving in the military.

Members are also entitled to invite extended family to enjoy the club facilities at reduced guest fees. Extended family includes parents, grandchildren, and children who are 23 or older. These individuals may use the club in the company of the member.

A Junior Full Privilege Membership enjoys the same privileges as Full Privilege Members listed above. In order to quality, individuals must be between the ages of 20 to 35 based on head of household.

A Non-Resident Full Privilege Membership enjoys the same privileges as Full Privilege Members listed above. In order to qualify, individuals must have a principal residence located outside Scotts Bluff County.
INDIVIDUAL GOLF MEMBERSHIP (Photo to be determined) (Link)

An Individual Golf Membership provides unlimited use of the golf course, driving range, and dining facility. This membership also provides the member’s spouse and all dependents under the age of 23 living at home the enjoyment of unlimited use of the dining facility accompanied by the member. Members’ privileges also include all social events and Member parties. Additional limited golf privileges may be purchased for family members on an individual guest fee basis (3 visits per person per year). Tee-times for guests may be made up to one week in advance.

SOCIAL PRIVILEDGE MEMBERSHIP (Photo to be determined (Link)

A Social Membership is ideal for those individuals or families who enjoy the social amenities of a country club without the golfing. Members have the privilege of enjoying our dining amenities as well as full access to our tennis courts, swimming pool, and racquet ball court.

A Junior Social Membership enjoys the same privileges as the Social Membership listed above. In order to qualify, individuals must be between the ages of 20 to 35 based on head of household.

DINING MEMBERSHIP (Photo to be determined) (Link)

A Dining Membership is perfect for individuals and families looking for an exclusive dining experience. Members have full privilege to our dining facilities, social dining events, and access to our ballroom and outdoor spaces for informal or formal events.


A Grandchild Membership allows members the ability to purchase a month-by-month membership for a grandchild. The Grandchild Membership is available to grandchildren under the age of 18 and grants privileges up to the level of membership of the purchasing member.

GOLF COURSE (Photo to be determined) (Link)
AMENITIES (Photo to be determined) (Link)

SBCC is renowned for its championship golf course, five star dining, newly renovated clubhouse, private swimming pool, private tennis and racquetball courts, and fabulous banquet services. Step inside and experience luxury at its finest. Allow our professional staff to take care of you while you enjoy all the amenities our club has to offer.

Fine Dining (pictures to be determined)

Experience dining at its finest whether it’s by our floor to ceiling brick fireplace or in our exquisite dining room. For a more informal lunch or dinner, we offer our grill room with a fireside flair, our lounge area with flat screen TVs, or - weather permitting - our deck with breathtaking views of our beautiful greens and the historic Scottsbluff National Monument.

Our Executive Chef, Jace Hourt, has been with the club for six years. Jace is known for his culinary creativity and attention to detail. Our professional servers have an impeccable reputation for their outstanding service and cater to each member individually. It’s a dining experience you won’t soon forget and can’t wait to experience again. To view our delectable lunch, dinner and special events menus click here. (menu link)
Swimming Pool (pictures to be determined)

Spend your summer lounging by our private ___ ft swimming pool. We offer the only private pool in this area. You can enjoy water basketball, volleyball, waterslide and diving board. We also offer a gated baby pool and shaded play area with lush grass. We have certified lifeguards on duty and offer both private and group swimming lessons. Our friendly snack shack servers are available to cater to you with snacks, and beverages (including adult beverages), or you can order food from our dining room menu and have it served to you poolside. Our members may book private pool parties for any occasion. We can accommodate parties of any size – whether it is a child’s birthday party complete with a sundae bar or a more elaborate gathering including poolside dining and drinks.

Tennis and Racquetball Courts

Out premier tennis facility is the best in Wyo-braska. We have four lighted Nova-Tex courts, offering ideal playing for all levels. Take advantage of a private tennis court with no need to call ahead to make reservations. After enjoying our tennis facilities, enjoy a refreshing drink on our deck to cool down. Our active Tennis Association offers Ladies’ League on Tuesday evenings, Men’s League on Wednesday evenings, and Couple’s League on Friday nights.

We have regulation racquetball court in the lower level in our clubhouse. For the novice player, there is equipment available. For your convenience, we have men’s and ladies’ locker rooms adjacent to the court. The locker rooms are fully equipped with showers and lockers.

Event Planning/Weddings (photos to be determined) (Link)
Event Planning

With our spacious __ ft banquet room, we can host all of your events here. Business meetings, showers, parties for all occasions – if you can dream it we can do it. Events are customized to your individual needs. We offer in-house as well as off-site catering. Our clubhouse offers a __ sized wood dance floor, plenty of room for a 10 piece band, DJ table, or you can enjoy your choice of music on our digital jukebox. Choose from formal sit-down dinners served by our fine staff, a formal banquet spread, or a more casual buffet. The ambiance of our ballroom is second to none and will leave a lasting impression with all of your special guests. To view our special events menu click here.(link)

Weddings (photos)

Our facility is the preeminent venue to celebrate the most memorable day of your life. Whether it’s your dream to have your ceremony on a golf course or have a reception that is unparalleled to any other, we can make your wish come true. Our ballroom has the capacity of hold 275 guests, and we can accommodate up to 500 (?) in the entire clubhouse. Choose from an elaborate sit-down dinner to an extravagant buffet style layout complete with a chocolate fountain. Enjoy cocktail hour and hors d'oeuvres on our spacious deck or by the fireside in the clubhouse. Every wedding is customized to the bride and grooms individual needs and wants. Nancy McKee is our Event coordinator and has over 30 years experience. She will walk you through every step and make your planning stress-free. Call today to schedule a private tour or to set up an appointment with Nancy
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