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Sarasota Police Department
News Release

Bernadette DiPino
Chief of Police

Contact: Genevieve Judge
Partnership Policing Communications Coordinator 941-954-7094


Undercover operation targeting prostitution results in eight men arrested

SARASOTA, Fla. – December 17, 2013 – 8 a.m.

The Sarasota Police Department Street Crimes Unit, in conjunction with the Narcotics Unit, conducted a prostitution “John” Operation on Saturday, December 14th. This was an undercover operation targeting the prostitution problem plaguing the North Tamiami Trail neighborhood. The operation was conducted at three different locations on North Tamiami Trail.

The operation targeted those individuals soliciting prostitutes in the City of Sarasota. The operation resulted in the arrests of eight (8) males for solicitation of prostitution.

Listed below are the names and charges of all the men arrested.

Ronald L. Biron - (01-18-81) 59 E. 2nd Street Moorestown, New Jersey

David H. Kraft - (01-15-67) 4300 18th Street West Bradenton, Florida

Donald R. Keller -
(04-29-62) 6004 9th Avenue West Bradenton, Florida

John A. Dill - (11-20-54) 1000 Walker Street Lot # 161 Holly Hill, Florida

Jason R. Hamilton - (09-09-78) 3124 Olympic, Street Sarasota, Florida

Patrick Molines - (10-13-51) 3365 Shelly Drive Green Cove Springs, Florida

Victor Mendoza-Rodriguez - 12-23-64) 7816 43rd Avenue West Bradenton,Florida

Juan I. Ortega-Infante - (11-08-87) 5007 Five Acre Road Plant City, Florida

Sarasota Police Department
The Sarasota Police Department utilizes a proactive, intelligence led law enforcement strategy to prevent and reduce crime. Our mission: Professional, dedicated police service in partnership with our community. For more information about our department, visit

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